Hello!I’m in mine 30s and also dating .Recently i’ve noticed that plenty of men I satisfy on apps ask me to send them images (nothing sexy, simply of me) once we begin chatting , before we accomplish .Some the them start by sending a couple of photos of themselves (selfies , usually simply sitting / normal) and also they ask for photos of me.I’m wonder if this is typical … I already have rather a few pictures on the apps (which is why they article me in the first place). I’m also open to video clip chatting or meeting in person however the conversation doesn’t also get deep or to that allude when they ask for a snapshot .It makes me feel weird sending out photos to a male I don’t know and also I’m not comfortable v this. Is this what date is choose these days currently ?? I’ve been in the dating game awhile yet this problem seems to be really recent for me …Thanks


Some males are just pushing, but many have displayed up and the woman looks nothing choose their photos enlarge or are much heavier.

It is your choice to carry out it… however it is a bit of yellow flag.

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If it makes you feel weird don’t carry out it. Once photos are out there, they are out there. They have to only obtain something you feel comfortable with and that they have EARNED. Any type of interactions must be based upon something genuine, not a picture exchange or simply texts. An excellent luck.


Some ask because that pics to make sure you aren’t a bot, part ask for product for masturbation.

I only got such request once, so the isn’t a norm. Ns didn’t send him pics.

Maybe questioning them why they “need” it might answer your question. If it’s recent, it can really be that that area ended up being full the bots

ps. Definitely have something written in her bio and also pics that actually say something around you, together this provides guys a bit much more security the you’re a genuine person


I feel prefer this is short class, and also the man is low quality once they questioning for much more pictures. I’m in the same watercraft as you. I obtain offended and stop talking to castle although if they ask for an ext selfies. If I want to send you a take self of myself, ns would execute it top top my own time. Likewise, if you desire to see me, you have the right to ask me top top a date and also see what ns look favor in person.

That being said, i think they room trying to figure out if friend look like how your images look. Some girls take pics of themselves from 10 years back when they were 30 lbs lighter. Climate the guy goes on the date and also is favor wtf. Many guys have actually told me this is why castle ask girls for much more selfies.

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nikki B

men ask for pictures due to the fact that he desires to see just how you look. He wants to understand if the is attractive t0 you before he go any type of further, lets face it,,, exactly how you look to that male will identify if he desire to walk out v you. 보다 comes her personality. Usually as soon as a male is attracted to girlfriend he will ask for pictures all the moment nude pics to reason wants come see all of you.