A overview to what jewelry stamps mean.

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What go this jewelry stamp mean? This is just one of the most usual questions we acquire through Quora. You can fill in the blank as to what the rubber stamp is. We will certainly list lock in a what is___ format, just as if us were comment a message. We have invested numerous hours of research study in order to carry you this overview on the definition of different jewelry stamps. Us will start out through the most usual stamps that us see and also work our way through some much more uncommon stamps top top jewelry.

So what execute jewelry stamps mean?

Jewelry stamps have actually different method but the three main things the are identified by jewelry stamps are-

The material the ring is do of

The ring maker

The ar where the ring to be made


What go a .925, 925 or ster rubber stamp mean?

These stamps was standing for sterling silver. This method the piece of jewelry should be 92.5% pure silver blended with an additional metal, commonly copper. Silver- on its own is really soft and also needs another metal added to do solid jewelry.

A usual question that I acquire is “ I have a yellow ring stamped 925, what does that mean?” lot to mine dismay ns have had a few people get an extremely angry with my answer. The prize is this method that the base steel is sterling silver with gold plating. There is naught wrong v this if you space wanting some jewelry made of high-quality steels at an affordable price. The problem will usually come under to to be the human selling or gifting this item come you honest? I suspect that the rage stems native the answer gift no.

Other usual questions are what does 925___ mean. For example, what walk 925nc mean or what walk 14k KC mean. This is merely the symbol because that 92.5 sterling silver- (925) and the maker’s note (nc). The 14k KC method simply 14k yellow (14k) and the makers mark (KC). There have been thousands of maker’s marks, therefore if you need to recognize who the machine is, it will certainly take some research study to uncover this.

I’ve likewise seen questions prefer what does 14k GP mean? This means 14k gold plated, yet this does no give any kind of information regarding what the base metal is.

Gold is the same as silver- in the it is much too soft ~ above its own. Over there are numerous variations of gold mixes and also these are what they actually stand for.

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What does 10k stamp mean? 

41.6% or 10 components per 24 pure gold mixed with other metals, typically nickel, copper, zinc or silver.

What walk 14k rubber stamp mean?

58.3% or 14 parts per 24 pure gold combined with silver, copper-zinc and also nickel. These might vary slightly.

What go 18k rubber stamp mean?

75% or 18 components per 24 pure gold combined with facets such together silver, copper, and also nickel.

What does 24k rubber stamp mean?

100% or 24 parts per 24 pure gold. This way no additives. While this is pure gold it is also really soft and tends to bend and also scratch quite easily. This is just one of the factors it is rare to uncover jewelry that is pure gold.

As a next note, palladium is added to gold to make white gold. Also, Karat is normally stamped k, K, or KT and also is different from Carat. Carat is because that measuring the load of gems and also not metals. 

Another common stamp on yellow (especially native England) are essay marks. This marks are not make by the manufacturer however by the essay’s office come certify the purity. Every number stands for the portion of purity that gold, platinum, and silver.

For gold, the stamps space 375, 585, 750, 916, 990 and 999

For silver, the stamps are 800,925,958 and also 999

For platinum, the stamps room 850, 900, 950 and 999

Please describe the photo to view what the stamps look at like as well as the essay’s office stamp.

That covers the most typical stamps on yellow jewelry. There might be some other variations or even country marks such as Italy alongside these markings.

So what does a 900 Platinum, 900 plat, plat 900, pt900 and also 900pt stamp mean? 

90% platinum or 900 parts per 100. Usually blended with other platinum metal team alloys such as Ruthenium, rhodium, or palladium.

950 platinum will certainly simply carry 950 in ar of the 900 and also is 950 parts per 1000 pure platinum.


Here is a an excellent article around the above stamps here.

What does ALE stamped on jewel mean?

This is basically the maker’s mark for Pandora Jewelry. This is stamped in nearly all Pandora jewelry except for perhaps a few smaller pieces.


What walk sk9 Platnaire mean?

Platnaire is one alloy consist of of 92.5% silver, 5% platinum and also 2.5% other elements but is nickel-free, making that hypoallergenic.

What walk a GE stamp on mine ring mean?

This method that the ring is yellow Electroplated. HE method heavy gold electroplated. Below is a blog with much more in-depth details on this here.


What does GP mean?

Gp is merely gold plated.

What walk GF mean?

This method that the jewel actually has a class of gold bonded come the base metal. This is an ext common on items such as watches.

What does IP on mine ring mean?

IP way Ion Plating and also is among the many solid plating techniques called physical vapor deposition. In the past, this was regularly used top top tools and also blades however is becoming much more common on quality plated jewelry.

What walk steel, S.S. Or st. Stole mean?

This is the note for a stainless stole piece. Stainless steel is just one of the much more affordable options for human being who have tendency to turn green as the is typically hypo-allergenic.

What does WGD mean?

WGD is type of choose karat an interpretation weighted gold. Because that example, 18 karat weighted yellow or 18k.

What does PD mean?

PD method Palladium. This is a member of the platinum family members of alloys.

What does a KP stamp typical on my jewelry?

This means Karat Plumb and is a certification the it is at least the karat significant or better. Because that instance, 14kp way it is at the very least 14k or higher.

I will certainly leave you v this one last answer to a question we are regularly asked, as I think that is really important to attend to this.

If girlfriend still have the right to not find what your stamp means, then it is most likely a machines mark.

What does An ABF average on mine jewelry?

ABF on jewel commonly method it has an neck bronze, antique copper or antique brass end up over some other form of metal.

What does ABP, ACF or ACP typical on my jewelry?

ABP jewelry stamp - antique brass-platedACF jewelry stamp - antique copper finishACP jewelry stamp - antique copper plated

What does AGF, AGP, ANP, ARF, ARP, ASF or ASP mean on my jewelry?

All of these stamps top top jewelry average they are plated over part other product as follows.AGF jewelry rubber stamp - Antique yellow finishAGP jewelry stamp - Antique yellow platedANP  - antique nickel platedARF jewelry stamp - antique rhodium complete or imitation rhodium finishARP jewelry stamp - antique rhodium platedASF jewelry stamp - Antique silver- finishASP jewelry stamp - Antique silver- plated


TE U.S.A. Stamp meaning


Take this tungsten ring for example. This is one of our new line that Tungsten rings the we are launching soon. The TE through a circle is our logo complied with by U.S.A. Effectively stating te U.S.A. Or historicsweetsballroom.com U.S.A.

Are marks inside rings ever before wrong?

The simple answer is yes. There room and always be scammers out there trying to rip civilization off. It has actually become more common because that jewelry coming from China and also other regions to have actually stamps that room not exactly in stimulate to happen of jewel as genuine gold or even sterling silver. Constantly be mindful of who you room buying from and make certain they have been roughly a while and have great ratings and also / or reviews.

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Another point to watch because that is note manipulation. I have actually heard many stories ~ above this. One the stands the end in my mind is a ring significant 14kg. This ring initially was marked 14kgp definition 14k gold plated yet the ns was polished out but there is no 14kg.