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the former capital and 2nd largest city the Brazil; chief Brazilian port; well known as a traveler attraction


Familiarity information: RIO used as a noun is very rare.

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• RIO (noun)



The former funding and second largest city the Brazil; chief Brazilian port; famous as a traveler attraction

Classified under:

Nouns denoting spatial position


Rio; Rio de Janeiro

Instance hypernyms:

city; metropolis; urban facility (a large and densely occupied urban area; may include several independent governmental districts)

Meronyms (members of "Rio"):

Carioca (a aboriginal or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro)

Holonyms ("Rio" is a component of...):

Brasil; Brazil; Federative Republic that Brazil (the largest Latin American country and also the largest Portuguese speaking nation in the world; located in the central and northeastern part of southern America; world"s top coffee exporter)

Context examples

The skies was grey in several cities west and south that Rio Grande execute Sul, Brazil’s most southern state.

(Australian bushfire smoke drifts to south America, SciDev.Net)

Her return to Rio is slated because that April 2018.

(Brazil ship turn off to Antarctica for study support, Agência Brasil)

Rio de Janeiro is the second component of the civilization to confirm this form of transmission.

(Human malaria spread out from primates found in Brazil, SciDev.Net)

Also under research is the usage of microalgae in the production of aviation biokerosene (BioQAV) in partnership through the Federal university of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

(Petrobras considers creating biodiesel native microalgae, Agência Brasil)

The team genomic analysis of populations of plants that consist of the wild peanut varieties pointed come a region in northern Argentina recognized as Rio Seco.

(Peanut Genome Sequenced with Unprecedent Accuracy, U.S. Room of Agriculture)

Rio de Janeiro State health and wellness Surveillance Under-Secretary Alexandre Chieppe pointed out his state is not experiencing an outbreak, although the authorities stay on the watch.

(Aedes mosquitoes nearly impossible come eradicate, says Brazilian researcher, Agência Brasil)

Brazil"s nationwide Museum, in Rio de Janeiro, unveiled the details surrounding the exploration of thousands of remains of pterosaur bones and also 300 eggs—some of castle with maintained embryos—in China.

(Brazil and also China scientists unearth pterosaur egg with maintained embryos, Agência Brasil)

A study by scientists at the Federal college of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) discovered that the Zika virus, in addition to replicating in the brain of adults, additionally damages the memory and the engine system.

(Zika virus uncovered to injury adults’ memory and motor system, Agência Brasil/EBC)

This exploration is the an outcome of a participation by the Ministry for Science, Technology, and Innovation"s Centre because that Mineral an innovation (CETEM); the Brazilian farming Research copy, group (Embrapa); the Federal college of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ); and Geological survey housed under the set of Mines and also Energy.

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(New Brazilian fertilizer can rise productivity, Agência BRASIL)

Some the the most breakable cities encompass Rio de Janeiro, Santos (São Paulo), Fortaleza (Ceará), Recife (Pernambuco), Salvador (Bahia) and, in Brazil"s south region, the Vale perform Itajaí an ar of Santa Catarina, i beg your pardon in enhancement to the increasing sea level, is at danger of becoming a hurricane route.

(Brazil's coastal cities much more vulnerable to climate change, Agência Brasil)

"Fine words butter no parsnips." (English proverb)"Those who lost dreaming space lost." (Aboriginal Australian proverbs)"Plant every day and you will eat." (Arabic proverb)"He that protects himself from cold likewise wards turn off heat." (Corsican proverb)