Typically, sabor is a noun. But in this context, it appears to be supplied more favor a verb. Can it be (roughly) analyzed as "savor me"?

Anvarious other translation I used, that human being favored because it was "hard-hitting" (and also sexy), was "come on to me."



I would certainly say that the translation might be "a taste of me". I don"t check out that "sabor" is provided as a verb there, it is used as a noun.

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The complete sentence is "En la boca llevarás sabor a mí", so it certainly is "You will certainly keep in your mouth a taste of me".



How around...In your lips, you will certainly constantly bring the essence of me. "Boca" is O.K. in historicsweetsballroom.com however in translating it, it becomes also anatomical and less romantic so leave it at the lips and voila!

I have to disagree, it does not reflect quantity. "Y en tu boca llevarás sabor a mí" in the context of the song is a mock that no matter what happened, despite not being together or as much as time passed, her "flavour" will reprimary in his mouth, making a dual meaning statement. Which means that he deserve to never erase what occurred and also comparing the memories of their encounters to the after taste you have after eating food.

I think the closest English word to "sabor" is "savor", since it has the exact same etymology (Latin "sabor, meaning "taste" - https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/sapor#Descendants).

I think "savor of me" sounds a little bit less inexplicable in English than "taste of me", which sounds a little "flat". That being said, I agree via the others above that neither "taste of me" or "savor of me" is idiomatic as a romantic expression in English.

Here"s my ideal initiative on the last verse (through a tiny assist from Google Translate):

A thousand years or more will certainly pass,Our love fade in eternity,Yet even tbelow as here, Your lips savor of me.

(That"s not a 100% precise translation, yet at leastern it keeps the rhyme plan, also if the meter is not right.)

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answered Feb 10 "20 at 2:11
Evan DonovanEvan Donovan
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Sabor A Mi...a favorite of mine. The straightforward translation is that the woman will always remember his scent, his adopt, and also she will certainly "taste" him forever. She will feel him whether close to or far. He doesn"t very own her but in one means he does, by telling her that he will linger on through her. It"s an extremely symbolic song and many beautiful.

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Linda HernandezLinda Hernandez
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