Tony Gwynn had an additional typically great season in 1997: 592 AB, 220 H, and his AVG to be a National organization leading .372. What do all those abbreviation stand for? Baseball Almanac is pleasure to present a common set of abbreviations seen and used in print on a constant basis.

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"A passion for statistics is the earmark the a literate people." - Paul Fischer in The Fireside book of Baseball (Charles Einstein, Simon and Schuster, 1956, web page 236)

Baseball Stats

Baseball abbreviations 101

Offensive abbreviation for Statistics
AB BB AVG CS 2B GIDPGRSL HBP H HRR HR IBB ISOLOBOBP OPS R RBI SF SH S SLG SB% SBR SB so TB 3BAt Bats Bases top top Balls (Walks) Batting Average recorded Stealing Doubles soil into dual PlaysGrand Slams hit by key Hits house Run Ratio residence Runs IntentionalBasesonBalls(Walks) isolated PowerLeft top top BaseOn-Base portion On-Base to add Slugging operation Runs Batted In Sacrifice flies Sacrifice hits (Bunts) Singles Slugging percent Stolen Base percentage Stolen Base operation Stolen Bases Strikeouts complete Bases Triples
Pitching abbreviation for Statistics
AO BBBFP BK CBO CG CGL ER ERA GF walk GOAO GP GS H HBP HR IBB IP IRA IPS together MB9 OBA PA R RPF RW S/SHO therefore SV SVO TB W WPFly Outs (Air) go (Bases on Balls)Batters encountering Pitcher Balks combined Shutout complete Games complete Game accident Earned operation Earned operation Average games Finished ground Outs floor Outs / paris Outs Ratio gamings Played gamings Started access time Hit Batters residence Runs Intentional to walk Innings Pitched Inherited Runs allowed Innings Per start Losses Baserunners per 9 Innings Opponents" Batting average Plate Appearances operation Relief fail Relief Wins Shutouts Strikeouts conserves Save opportunities Total Bases Wins Wild Pitches
Defensive abbreviations for Statistics
A CS DP E GP OFA PB PK PO SB TC TPAssists caught Stealing double Plays Errors gamings Played Outfield Assists passed Balls Pickoffs Putouts stolen BasesTotal opportunities Triple Plays
Miscellaneous abbreviations for Statistics
ML SERMajor organization Service
Baseball Stats abbreviation 101



There are many variations come this "common" set (DO Doubles, TR Triples), however these are thought about "official" and are the execution used right here at Baseball Almanac.

Did you understand that the official statistics because that the nationwide Association (a non-official league <1871-1875> that gave birth to the national League) burned in a fire?

During the 1960s a unique Baseball documents Committee was developed by significant League Baseball to evaluate the erratic documents kept before the 1920 season.

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Where what taken place yesterday is being kept today.

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