To Go out On a body Meaning

Definition: To do a big assumption; to danger one’s safety or lull in an effort to do something positive.

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Origin of to Go the end On a Limb

This idiom most likely developed from the exercise of rise trees, in i beg your pardon the farther far from the trunk (or, in other words, the more out top top the limb) that a person went, the much more dangerous the was.

This defines why this idiom is connected with various varieties of threat taking, including risk by assuming something without every the truth or by make the efforts to aid another human at one’s own feasible detriment.

This expression was very first used by as at an early stage as the late 1800s.

Examples of come Go the end On a Limb

In this example dialogue, the idiom is provided in a conversation to describe making a wild guess.

Ezekiel: Hey, Maggie, i’m going to go out on a body here and say that you’re upset around something.

Maggie: exactly how did you know? I believed I was hiding that pretty well.

Ezekiel: you were. It’s just that occasionally when you’re upset you begin staring off into the distance, i m sorry is what you were doing simply a minute ago.

Maggie: You recorded me. Ns am in reality upset.

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Ezekiel: carry out you want to talk about it?

Here is another example, in which one friend offers the idiom to to convince her girlfriend to carry out her a favor.

Mila: i hope you’ll provide me your support in tomorrow’s meeting.

Tyrion: ns don’t know. Girlfriend don’t have actually a very popular opinion. It will make me look negative if I assistance you.

Mila: Yes, you could look bad, but you understand I’m right. Go the end on a limb because that once. I require your help.

Tyrion: Fine. But you owe me a favor!

More Examples

In this excerpt, the idiom is supplied in the context of a sporting activities analyst do a prediction around future games.

In this excerpt, the idiom describes how chefs don’t desire to take a hazard on a fad.


The phrase go out on a limb method to take a risk, usually by making a wild guess: v or putting oneself in a precarious instance in stimulate to help or assistance someone else.


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