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disk jockey, key jockey, djverb

a human being who announces and also plays well-known recorded music

disk-jockey, disc-jockey, DJverb

comment ~ above music to be played

"He has actually a project disk-jockeying top top the weekend"

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disc jockey, deejay


dinner jacket


To act as a DJ (disc jockey); to play, cut and also mix/blend recorded music.

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"DJ" to be a single by David Bowie. It was taken indigenous the album Lodger in the UK, gift released ~ above 29 June 1979.A cynical comment on the cult of the DJ, the monitor is detailed for Adrian Belew"s etc solo, i beg your pardon was videotaped in multiple takes, and then mixed earlier together because that the album track. The solitary was one edited version, yet was still probably too uncommercial for substantial chart success – the peaked at #29 in the UK, and also was not released in other markets.The track was performed live because that the an initial time top top Bowie"s exterior Tour in 1995.


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The numerical value of DJ in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

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The numerical worth of DJ in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

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