(in restaurants, luncheonettes, etc.) a long, narrow table with stools or chairs follow me one side for the patrons, behind i m sorry refreshments or meals space prepared and served.

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anything supplied in maintaining account, together a disc of metal or wood, offered in some games, together checkers, for noting a player's place or for maintaining score.
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over the counter, (of the revenue of stock) through a broker's office rather than through the stock exchange. (of the revenue of merchandise) through a sleeve store fairly than v a wholesaler.
First videotaped in 1300–50; middle English countour, indigenous Anglo-French (Old French comptoir ), from medieval Latin computātorium “place for computing,” equivalent to Latin computā(re) “to think, calculate” + -tōrium noun suffix; see compute, -tory2; cf. Count1
Computers. A storage it is registered or routine variable used to tally how regularly something of attention occurs.
Physics. Any type of of various instruments for detecting ionizing radiation and also for registering counts.See also Geiger counter.
First videotaped in 1325–75; middle English countour, from Anglo-French (Old French conteor ), ultimately obtained from Latin computātor, identical to computā(re) “to think, calculate” + -tor noun suffix; watch compute, -tor
a item of animal leather or other product inserted in between the lining and also outside animal leather of a shoe or boot 4 minutes 1 to keep it stiff.
Also called void. Typesetting. Any part of the challenge of a form that is much less than type-high and is because of this not inked.
Engineering, structure Trades. A truss member topic to stress just under specific partial loadings that the truss.
First recorded in 1400–50; late middle English countre, from Anglo-French co(u)ntre, cuntre,Old French contre, indigenous Latin contrā “against”; see counter-
First taped in 1250–1300; center English countren, aphetic variant of acountren, from center French acontrer; see a-5, encounter
a combining form of counter3, supplied with the interpretations “against,” “contrary,” “opposite,” “in the opposite or an answer to” (countermand); “complementary,” “in reciprocation,” “corresponding,” “parallel” (counterfoil; counterbalance); “substitute,” “duplicate” (counterfeit).

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antithetical, respond, resist, foil, oppose, offset, retaliate, counteract, ward off, conflicting, antipodal, reverse, contrasting, obverse, converse, contrary, opposed, contradictory, anti, impeding
a little flat key of wood, metal, or plastic, provided in assorted board games a comparable disc or token supplied as one imitation coin
under the counter (under-the-counter as soon as prenominal) (of the sale of goods, esp items in short supply) clandestine, surreptitious, or illegal; no in an open manner
over the respond to (over-the-counter as soon as prenominal) (of security transactions) v a broker rather than top top a stock exchange
Also called: void to press the inside area that a typeface that is not type high, such as the centre of one "o", and also therefore does no print
any instrument for detecting or counting ionizing particles or photonsSee Geiger counter, scintillation counter, decision counter
One that counts, specifically an electronic or mechanical machine that automatically counts occurrences or repetitions the phenomena or events.