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Numero uno way number one and also is provided in most of the same ways that number one is used.

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It’s generally used to describe oneself or one’s best interests, as in He always looks the end for numero uno before even thinking of helping various other people. 

It’s likewise commonly offered to describe someone or something the is the ideal or highest possible in rank. In this way, it can be offered as both a noun (as in They’re numero uno, and also there is no nearby second) and also an adjective (as in We host a national championship game since we want the nation’s numero uno team to be recognize by a head-to-head matchup, not a ranking committee).

Numero uno originates from Italian, in which the literally way number one (the Spanish expression número uno is express the same means and means the exact same thing). Like many other Italian and Spanish words and phrases that have actually been adopted into English, that is regularly used in a an extremely informal way to sound cool or to it is in humorous.

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Example: She’s the GOAT, the best, numero uno—no one will ever before rise to her level the greatness.

The very first records that the usage of numero uno in English come native the 1970s. The phrase was obtained into English from Italian, though many people, particularly in the unified States, could guess the it comes from the Spanish número uno. In any type of case, both the Italian and the Spanish version typical the exact same thing: “number one.”

When things are ranked an initial among others, lock number one. This is frequently what numero uno means, yet it’s commonly only provided in really informal contexts. For example, if you to be referring come the number one priority because that public healthcare, you probably wouldn’t usage the hatchet numero uno—unless you were trying to it is in a little funny or purposely informal.

If someone defines someone or something together numero uno, they’re really confident that it’s the best or the best, and by far. Someone can refer come themselves as numero uno in this method (in the type of method that Muhammad Ali might have), however most of the time as soon as someone describes themself together numero uno, it way “myself.” This is particularly used in the phrase look out for numero uno, meaning “to address oneself and one’s ideal interests.” (The phrase look the end for number one is supplied in the precise same way.)