the ​ability that a ​healthy ​mind come ​think and also make ​judgments, ​especially ​based ~ above ​practical ​facts. (Cambridge Dictionary)

If you space thinking around making risky investments, "the voice the reason" will imply not to perform that and also be really careful.

Ngram: the voice of reason

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A human with a voice of reason is someone who gives an excellent and coherent advice come avoid bad consequences


The voice of factor is the human who tries to gain the team to adopt decisions making use of evidence and also logic. <...> – deadrat Dec 17 "15 in ~ 9:33

The voice of reason is one human being using clear, practical and logical reasons to convince another person to offer up on your dreams.

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I disagree. I believe the voice of reason is just giving advice to support both sides so the the person can make a great sound decision based upon facts, quite than emotionally thinking. I have actually been told i am the voice that reason, ns reserve judgement and also support every my friends and families desires