I voted in 2012 but have moved since then. Not by much, literally about 4 blocks away. I'm still in the same Zip Code. I checked my status using this tool and it said my status was "Suspense." Research suggests that at some point they sent a confirmation notice to my old address and I didn't respond, but I'm still technically registered. I unfortunately didn't notice the deadline come and go. Can I still vote? Is there any paperwork that I have to submit before the 1st? Can I fill out that information on the 1st?

Furthermore, I'm pretty sure I don't have my original voter registration card. Can I get a new one before the 1st?

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Good news, you can still vote! Looks like you don't need to do anything until you show up at the polling place.

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The Suspense List

The suspense list, as detailed in Section 15.081, is a list maintained by the voter registrar of each county that contains the names of (1) voters that failed to respond to the confirmation notice, (2) voters whose renewal certificate was returned to the registrar as undeliverable, and (3) those individuals that were excused or disqualified from jury service because they were not a resident of that county, state on the juror summons notice that the individual no longer resides in the county, or whose jury summons were returned to the district clerk as undeliverable.

An individual on the suspense list is still a registered voter and has the same rights as a non-suspense list voter. If a suspense list voter lives in the same residence, shows up at the same precinct location, shows proof of identification and fills out a statement of residence, then the individual will be able to vote, and the voter’s name will be removed from the suspense list. If the voter has moved to a different residence located in the same county, the voter will also fill out a Statement of Residence and be permitted to vote, provided the voter is living in the political subdivision or territory covered by that election. The Statement of Residence will be used to update the voter’s registration and remove the voter’s name from the suspense list. If the suspense list voter has moved outside of the county, the voter will be given the option to vote provisionally in accordance with Section 63.011.

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If a voter’s name is still on the Suspense list on November 30th following the second general election for state and county officers that occurs after the date the voter’s name is entered on the suspense list, then the voter registrar is required by State law to cancel the voter’s registration.