I voted in 2012 yet have moved due to the fact that then. Not by much, literally about 4 block away. I'm tho in the same Zip Code. I confirm my status using this tool and also it stated my standing was "Suspense." Research suggests that at some allude they sent out a confirmation an alert to mine old resolve and i didn't respond, but I'm still technically registered. I unfortunately didn't notice the attributed come and go. Have the right to I tho vote? Is there any paperwork the I have to submit prior to the 1st? have the right to I fill out that info on the 1st?

Furthermore, I'm pretty sure I don't have actually my initial voter it is registered card. Can I obtain a new one before the 1st?

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Good news, you have the right to still vote! Looks prefer you don't need to do anything till you present up in ~ the polling place.

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The Suspense List

The suspense list, as thorough in section 15.081, is a list kept by the voter registrar of every county that has the name of (1) voter that failed to respond to the check notice, (2) voters whose rebirth certificate was went back to the registrar together undeliverable, and also (3) those people that to be excused or disqualified from jury service because they were not a residents of the county, state ~ above the juror summons notice that the separation, personal, instance no much longer resides in the county, or who jury summons were went back to the ar clerk together undeliverable.

An separation, personal, instance on the suspense list is tho a registered voter and also has the same rights as a non-suspense list voter. If a suspense list voter stays in the exact same residence, mirrors up in ~ the same precinct location, reflects proof that identification and also fills the end a declare of residence, climate the individual will have the ability to vote, and the voter’s name will be eliminated from the suspense list. If the voter has moved to a different residence situated in the exact same county, the voter will likewise fill out a statement of Residence and also be allowed to vote, provided the voter is life in the political subdivision or territory spanned by that election. The statement of Residence will be provided to update the voter’s registration and also remove the voter’s name from the suspense list. If the suspense perform voter has moved exterior of the county, the voter will certainly be offered the alternative to poll provisionally in accordance with ar 63.011.

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If a voter’s name is tho on the Suspense list on November 30th following the second general election for state and also county policemans that occurs after the date the voter’s name is gone into on the suspense list, then the voter registrar is compelled by State legislation to publication the voter’s registration.