Which the the following digital configuration represents ion for change element .…

a) 4s2 , 3d8

b) 4s1, 3d10

c) 4s0 , 3d9

d) 4s2, 3d0

## I need the systems with detailed steps (why)##

The configuration(s) that represents a change element is/are...

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a) 4s2 3d8 i beg your pardon is Ni

b) 4s1 3d10 which is Cu

Explanation regarding why is easiest defined by elimination:

a) 4s2 3d8 obeys the Aufbau principle and also is shift b/c it is a d-block element

b) 4s1 3d10 is transition b/c that is a d-block element and one of the 4s electron jumped to to fill the 3 d

c) 4s0 3d9 cannot exist together it has no electrons in the 4 s orbital

d) 4s2 3d0 has actually no d electron so cannot be a transition element

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Yassin D.

It claimed (represents ion) ns think the prize is (c)

J.R. S.

Ahh...I missed the word "ion". Sorry.

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