Why did many European vendors dislike the method goods to be traded from eastern to West?
The Italians regulated the trade and charged them high prices for the profession goods.

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How go the expression "God, glory, and also gold" summarize the Europeans' motives for exploration?European explorers want to spread Christianity, lug fame and also prestige to themselves and their ccountry, and also enrich themselves.
How go the treaty of Tordesillas ease tensions between Spain and also Portugal?It appeased both countries by approving them their own territories come colonize.
How go the Europeans dominance of the Indian ocean trade eventually influence Europeans back home?It carried down the prices of many oriental goods, so much more Europeans can afford them.
How to be the dutch able to dominate the Indian ocean trade?The Dutch, v the largest fleet of shis in the world, were a great naval power; also the Dutch east Indian agency was richer and an ext powerful 보다 England's company.
How walk the come of Europeans impact the peoples of the eastern in general?It did not greatly influence them, for European influence did not spread much beyond the port cities of the East.
What did the treaty of Tordesillas reveal about Europeans' attotides tpward mpm-European lands and peoples?The treaty revealed that Europeans had actually a low check out of non-Europeans and considered their land to be totally free for the taking.
What do you think the human being of other nations thought around China once they were went to on among Zheng He's voyages?That China need to be very an effective to send so countless ships, men, and goods on such a trip and, therefore, they must pay tribute.
How walk the Manchus earn the respect that the Chinese?They upheld China's timeless Confucian beliefs and also social structures, secured the country's frontiers, and revitalized its prosperity.
Why do you thing the kowtow routine was so vital to the Chinese emperor?It reaffirmed because that him the Chinese belief that their culture was vastly premium to others.
What to be the results of the emphasis on legacy in the culture of early contemporary China?Produced little creativity but listed sense that stability with time of readjust and assisted to unify Chinese society.
How would certainly the "alternate attendance policy" limit the daimyo?Famlies organized hostage, fincial burden preserving two residences, time wasted moving back and forth.
Why did Europeans want to open up trade with Japan?They hoped to involve us in Japan's trade network.
How to be the treatment of Europeans different in Japan and also China? just how as that similar?The Japanese were more receptive at first to European call than the Chinese were; however, both nations eventaully rebuffed european influences and also entered an er of isolation.
What determinants helped spur europe exploration?Desire for brand-new sources the wealth; desire to spread out Christianity; technological advancements in sailing and also navigation.
What role did the Portugal's Prince Henry play in abroad exploration?He urged exploration by establishing a navigation school for seafarers to perfect your trade.
What was the significance of Bartolomeu Dias's voyage?Dias proved that the southern tip of Africa can be circumnavigated; da Gama established a sea route from Europe come India.
Why to be the netherlands so successful in creating a trading empire in the Indian Ocean?The Dutch owned the biggest fleet of pearls in the world, and the Dutch eastern India agency was more powerful and much better financed than other nations' trading companies.
Why didn't China undergo widespread industrialization?Idea of business offended China's Confucian beliefs; economic policy provided priority agriculture.
Name two technological advancements the missionaries carried to China.The clock and also the prism
List five reasons why the Ming empire fell to civil disorder.Ineffective rulers, corruption officials, federal government out the money, high taxes, bad harvests.
Why was the duration between 1467 and 1568 referred to as the period of the Warring States?It to be an era of disorder when an effective warrior-chieftains, dubbed daimyo, seized regulate of old feudal mansions and set up new type of feudalism and often fought each various other for territory.
What to be the difference between the COnfucian appropriate of culture and the real society of Japan?Confucian ideal-Japan was an agricultural culture and the farmer was the appropriate citizen. In reality- farmers were overburdened and also over-taxed and also often moved to the city for a better life.
Briefly explain the new drama, literature, and also art found in Japanese cities.

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Kabuki plays, popular stories, haiku, and woodblock prints.