Max Hodges, reporter and television star because that TMZ and also Manhattan beach resident, invested his afternoon setravel the strand on his bike, and eating and drinking at Watermans in Hermosa Beach. Picture BY ALENE TCHEKMEDYIAN

About a decade ago, a 19-year-old through a blonde Mohawk flew right into LAX from his hometown, Santa Cruz, and also hopped on a bus come his apartment in West Hollywood, where he had actually been living v his brothers for two months.

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He accidentally gained on the not correct bus and ended increase in south Central. His skateboard in hand, he figured he might skate his method home. Underestimate the distance home and realizing the forgot his apartment tricks in Santa Cruz, he to be discouraged.

“F… it, I dislike LA,” Max Hodges, present TMZ reporter and also television star, said to himself earlier then.

So, that jumped top top a bus and headed ago to the airport. Luckily, he had one examine in his wallet, i m sorry he provided to buy one over-the-counter flight back to his hometown.

In retrospect, Los Angeles didn’t meet Hodges’ expectations back then. “I still assumed it was the 1980s top top the Sunset strip, I believed Motley Crue and also Guns N’ Roses and awesomeness was going to be everywhere,” that said.

After attending Cabrillo community College in Santa Cruz, Hodges opted to travel the world instead of continuing school. He backpacked throughout Europe, surfed in Tahiti, Costa Rica and throughout central America. “That’s the best education you have the right to get,” the recalls his dad telling him. His favourite spot to be Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, wherein he stated he could “dance all night in reggae bars and also surf all day in Caribbean water.”

It took about three years for Hodges to return to Southern California, detect a residence in Manhattan Beach and also working because that TMZ, a celebrity news site. He currently starts his day when his alarm ring at 4:45 a.m., come at occupational in Hollywood in ~ 5:30 a.m., and is out of the office by 2:30 p.m.

Hodges moved earlier to Los Angeles in 2003 – the actually virtually fled to Panama, but decided against it – since his brother, Beau Hodges, necessary him. Beau had just discovered out he to be going to have a baby.

“I was freaking out, ns didn’t think i was prepared to have actually a kid,” Beau said. “He was just kind the there, approximately for me.” He thought Hodges was ready to leaving Santa Cruz at the time anyway.

“I came to stoke that out,” Hodges said. They now live eight block from each other in El Porto, Manhattan Beach.

It take it two accidents soon after that arrived for Hodges to realize that he needed a permanent job, Beau said. Hodges was rear-ended one day while driving his old Pontiac LeMans through the license plate, “I’M RAD.” (He now has “I’m rad” tattooed on the height of his foot.) one more day if surfing, the pointer of his surfboard broke and pierced his eye socket.

Around the very same time, Harvey Levin founded and also was hiring because that TMZ.com, where Hodges landed a full time gig. He now does clips clearance because that TMZ, sifting through and also negotiating prices for videos because that the website. The stars ~ above TMZ’s television show and also sometimes chirps in ~ above TMZ Live, a live-chat streamed ~ above TMZ.com.

“Today, we were talking about Casey Anthony, hot or not?” Hodges said.

“Yeah, she pretty hot,” his friend replied.

“I stated not hot,” Hodges said. “I assumed she simply looked trashy.”

Southern California has actually grown on him, mostly because of the southern Bay. “It’s the raddest location ever,” he said, munching ~ above chips and salsa and sipping top top his Coors light at Watermans by the Hermosa coast pier v his roommate, Brian Friedrich. Hodges’ sun-streaked blonde hair was pulled earlier in a shaggy bun under his Watermans trucker cap – he satellite there barefoot, cooling off after a cruise under The Strand top top his bike.

His occupational schedule leaves tiny time because that surfing, he said, especially due to the fact that he gets turn off in the afternoons once it’s swollen out. “Afternoons room the worst feasible time to surf in the southern Bay,” the said.

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Not the he’ll necessarily surf in the mornings, even if he has actually time. “My body doesn’t work prior to 10 a.m.,” that said. “Except because that sex. I can have sex prior to 10 a.m.” the says, continuing, “Actually that’s a good time to have sex, yet anytime’s a good time to have actually sex, ns suppose.”


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