“With updated paint mixing technology, and also by enlisting devoted and trained associates, we room confident the moment is best to re-enter the category and fill a require for our members”


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–Sears is pass paint ago to that stores with offerings for every use and every price allude – providing convenience to its members, and also making that the one-stop-shop because that weekend warriors. The retailer is pass trusted brand to the paint aisles – including Craftsman, Weatherbeater and also Easy Living.

Paint offerings will be accessible in Sears home improvement sections, together with paint accessories, including whatever needed to obtain the project done. Sears is devoted to having actually a trained sales team in all paint stores to assist customers in recognize the finest product for their project.

Sears will be reintroducing repaint in 23 stores across the country before rolling the giving out to all of its sleeve locations. Test sectors include: Albany, N.Y., glen Burnie, Md., Oak Brook, Ill., Aurora, Ill., Des Moines, Iowa, Westland, Mich., Sterling Heights, Mich., Novi, Mich., Livonia, Mich., Saginaw, Mich., Flint, Mich., Muncie, Ind., Altoona, Pa., Lansing, Mich., Louisville, Ky., Whitehall, Pa., Wilmington, Del., Moorestown, N.J., Pittsburgh, Pa., Greensburg, Pa., Waldorf, Md., St. Clairsville, Ohio. And also Niles, Ohio.

“After stepping away from the paint organization in 2012, we are seeing the demand from our client to lug it back. V updated repaint mixing technology, and also by enlisting devoted and trained associates, we are confident the time is ideal to re-enter the category and also fill a require for our members,” claimed Dean Schwartz, vice chairman of Tools, Lawn and Garden at Sears.

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“This is an amazing moment as the Craftsman brand is start the paint classification for the an initial time.”

— Tom Park, president of Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard brands

“This is an exciting moment together the Craftsman brand is entering the paint category for the first time. Earlier this year, our various other flagship brands Kenmore and also DieHard entered brand-new categories with TVs and tires, respectively. The addition of paint as a Craftsman classification is a testimony to the toughness of these brands together they proceed to pat a duty in the fabric of the American lifestyle,” claimed Tom Park, president of Kenmore, Craftsman and also DieHard brands.


Price range: $5.99 – $32.99


An exterior repaint brand featuring fade, mold and also mildew resistant properties, Weatherbeater is a trusted brand with a solid following that loyalists at Sears. Readily available in much more than 1,200 colors, it’s to plan for use on former doors, siding, trim and shutters.Price range: $13.99 – $33.99

Easy Living

Intended for inner application, straightforward Living paint comes in over 1,200 colors, and offers one cloak coverage because that quick and also easy repaint jobs. Perfect for liven households, simple Living is washable, mold and also mildew resistant, and offers ultra-cover stain blocker.Price range: $2.49 – $28.99