New Boyz is an American Jerkin’ hip hop duo that consists of Dominic Thomas and Earl Benjamin. Although initially high college rivals, the two at some point befriended every other over their common musical interests. Both Benjamin and also Thomas to be interested in rappingーin fact, the former first began to rap at the young age of eight. Later on purchasing some recording tools together, they started to make their very own beats, a procedure which was entirely self taught. Eventually adopting the stage names the “Legacy” and “Ben J”, the pair developed a group dubbed Swagger Boyz in 2008 and released a self-distributed solitary entitled, Colorz i m sorry they promoted heavily top top a MySpace page. However it wasn’t until the adhering to year that they fight it huge with your pop lab song, You’re a Jerk. Quickly climbing up the charts and also becoming a national hit, it efficiently paves a place for the duo in the people of i know well hop.

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Following another solitary release, brand-new Boyz released their debut studio album, Skinny Jeanz and a Mic in September 2009. To date, they have actually released 2 full-length albums, six singles, thirteen music videos and also one mixtapeーon peak of that, the pair has likewise been featured in a number of songs by various other artists such as Are You emotion Me?, Dancin’ roughly the Truth, I prefer It choose That, and I’m ~ above a Roll. At present, your best-performing solitary remains to be the of Tie Me Down indigenous their very first album, which functions fellow i know good hop artist, beam J in its vocals. Increasing in popularity end the past couple of years, new Boyz has actually gone from performing in high institution gyms to singing on the red carpet the bet Awards in just a few years!

Although they started off as rappers, that didn’t prevent Legacy and Ben J from taking on acting functions on television. Lock made your film debut playing a minor part in the 2012 comedy, We the Party which starred Mandela van Peebles, Simone Battle, Moises Arias, Snoop Dogg and also Mario van Peebles. 2 years later, castle appeared as themselves in the music drama, School Dance in 2014. Acting side, new Boyz have additionally made a handful of appearances on various shows together as The Mo’Nique present (2011), so Random! (2012), Punk’d (2012) and Beyond the Talent (2012). At one point, they even performed ~ above the stage of American Idol!

So what has actually the 2 friends been approximately these past few years? are they still actively recording in the studio? What occurred to the new Boyz? Where room they now in 2018?

The early Life of Legacy and also Ben J and also their eventual Musical Beginnings

Legacy, otherwise known as Dominic cutting board was born in Hesperia, California top top October 30, 1991. Farming up, that looked up to his grandfather whom he considered to it is in his function modelーnot only did that teach him about leadership, yet he likewise instilled a love the music right into the young boy. In his youth, that spent numerous hours drawing, creating poems and reading. Once he was eight years old, he began rapping because that the an initial time after ~ watching one of Bow Wo’s music videos.

Ben J, additionally known as his actual name Earl Benjamin, was born in Los Angeles, California top top October 31, 1991. Interested in music ever since his early childhood, he began rapping in his school days and also had constantly envisioned self to it is in a popular and famous artist. During his teen years, anytime he got into problem at house with his mother, he was sent out to his room to compose a rap around his feelingsーsomething i beg your pardon may have possibly helped to develop his rapping in the later years. In fact, a huge reason behind why she sustained his music endeavours was the she want to save him out of trouble!

Both students in ~ Hesperia High institution as teens, they observed each various other as rivals and also even got into a few heated debates prior to befriending each various other over their common interests in musicーthe much more they talked and also spent time v each other, the much more they ended up realizing they had in common. Their similar household backgrounds and also the fact that your birthdays were only a work apart, only operated to attract them also closer! later coming up through the idea of forming a vocal group, lock pooled your birthday money together and bought a set of record equipment. Wanting to conserve money, cutting board then devoted much time towards discovering on exactly how to do beats for the duo’s songsーsomething which he ultimately succeeded at v the assist of a computer program recognized as FRUITY Loops. Adopting the phase names of Ben J and also Legacy, Thomas and Benjamin started rapping and also performing together for the first time as The Swagger Boyz in July of 2008; they ultimately came out with a solitary entitled, Colorz i m sorry they promoted on MySpace.

The new Boyz’s Music Career as a i know well Hop Duo

A year after their self-published release, the new Boyz released their first professional single, You’re a Jerk, in the spring of 2009 under Asylum Records. Developed entirely by Legacy, that peaked at number twenty-four on the united state Billboard hot 100 quickly after being made accessible in stores; it likewise reached number thirteen and number 4 on the warm R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and also Hot laboratory Tracks chart respectively. A vast hit ~ above its release, the single was likewise accompanied by a music video, which opened up with heritage receiving a text message that reads, “You’re a Jerk.” together of march 2010, You’re a Jerk has sold over one million copies and has earn Platinum condition by the RIAA.

In August later on that very same year, Legacy and also Ben J exit their 2nd single entitled, Tie Me Down. One more song from your upcoming studio album, the featured other R&B artist ray J. The pair’s very first collaboration with one more singer, the peaked in ~ number five on the Billboard Rap song Chart, in ~ number twenty-two ~ above the Billboard hot 100, at number twenty-three on the Billboard popular music Songs Chart and at number forty-two ~ above the hot R&B/Hip-Hop song Chart. Sustained by the success of your previous single, an extended play, Tie Me Down: EP was additionally later released, which consisted of three other songsーCricketz, so Dope and New Girl. Prove to be another hit, the soon received Platinum accreditation indigenous the RIAA in the united States.

Following their two singles, the brand-new Boyz ultimately released their debut studio album, Skinny Jeanz and a Mic in April 2009. Greatly influenced by the Jerkin’ genre, it showcased thirteen hyphy, some of which featured various other music artist such together Kydd-SB, D&D, O.N.E., Tga and also Ray J. ~ above its relax that spring, the album gotten in the Billboard 200 at number fifty-six and also spent a full of 4 weeks top top the charts before falling off. Although Skinny Jeanz and also a Mic was met with blended reviews from critics, it to be a advertisement success, having actually sold over 35,000 duplicates within a few months. Motivated by hip-hop singers such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, that featured heavy lyricsーsome of which used double entendre. On the us Billboard optimal Rap Albums Chart, the album resolved nicely at number twelve while it peaked at number twelve top top the height R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart. Three music videos were later on released because that the songs Dot Com, so Dope and Cricketz

A couple of year later, the duo come out with their 2nd full-length album entitled, Too Cool to Care which to be released in might 2011. Made accessible for pre-order through their website, those that opted because that that obtained an MP3 download of its track Crush on You as well as a pair of sunglasses in a arbitrarily colour. A cooperation effort between a team of music producers including Maejor, Prince n’ Purps, Kevin McCall, Bi Maejor and also Kane Beatz, amongst others, it showcased sixteen tracksーmost if not all, featuring other artists together as chris Brown, huge Sean, Sabi, YG, Charlie Wilson, amongst others; part titles from the track-list include Tough Kids, newspaper Girl, Can’t Nobody, i Don’t Care and Beautiful Dancer. Typically positively received, it charted top top the Billboard height Rap Albums, height R&B/Hip Hop Albums and also Billboard 200 Charts at number seven, number nine and number forty-one respectively. Together of January 2012, the album has exceeded end 50,000 sales in the united States.

Too Cool come Care eventually spawned 3 singles: Backseat, break My Bank, better with the lights Off. Out of the three, Backseat, i m sorry featured Dev and The Cataracs performed the best, having actually peaked at number twenty-six top top the Billboard 200 and also earning Platinum certification form the RIAA.

In April 2012, the i know good hop duo exit a solitary entitled FM$ under the Warner Bros. Label. One more production through Legacy, it peaked in ~ number eight ~ above the us Bubbling Under hot 100 Singles Chart and at number thirty-three ~ above the hot R&B/Hip-Hop song Chart. Exit via a digital download, it to be also included on their mixtape, Foolie Tape which was made obtainable on April 1, 2012. A month after the relax of the song, an accompanying music video clip for FM$ was released; because it was very first uploaded virtual onto Youtube on may 7, 2012, it has garnered over 2.4 million views from throughout the globe.

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What’s new Boyz Doing now in 2018- current Updates

Although Legacy had actually announced ago in February that 2013 that the duo was working on one upcoming album, it was eventually made known that the hip hop group had in reality gone their separate waysーsomething the was later official shown by Ben J. After a couple of years the performing and recording together, the 2 artists ultimately chose to “share their talents through their fans individually” and also embark top top a solo career. Regardless of their resolution however, the pair did reunite as soon as again for the 2014 comedy musical, School Dance where castle played as the new Boyz.

While heritage hasn’t come out through any significant music releases because their separation, he has actually released a variety of songs, i beg your pardon are easily accessible for streaming top top his Soundcloud account. Some titles which he’s tape-recorded this previous year include Swing IT, Clouds Cry, present Money, Babygirl and Love & Memories. If you’re curious around what castle sound likeーgo ahead and give his Soundcloud page a visit!

What around Ben J? according to his recent online activity, he has additionally recently taken to Soundcloud to release his an initial solo single entitled, Boodles. Originally uploaded top top the music share platform in august of this year, the has due to the fact that been listened to end 2000 times on the site!

If you’d favor to remain up-to-date and also connected with the happenings about Legacy and Ben J, you can follow the former hip hop duo individually on social mediaーyou can uncover Legacy on Twitter (