So you desire to recognize what 7 come the 7th power is do you? In this article we"ll explain exactly just how to carry out the mathematical operation referred to as "the indexes of 7 come the strength of 7". That can sound fancy, yet we"ll define this through no jargon! Let"s carry out it.

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What is an Exponentiation?

Let"s obtain our state nailed down an initial and then we deserve to see just how to occupational out what 7 come the 7th power is.

When us talk about exponentiation all we really typical is that we space multiplying a number i beg your pardon we call the base (in this case 7) by chin a certain number of times. The exponent is the number of times to multiply 7 by itself, which in this case is 7 times.

7 come the strength of 7

There space a number of ways this can be expressed and also the most typical ways you"ll see 7 to the 7th displayed are:


So basically, you"ll either view the exponent using superscript (to do it smaller and slightly over the base number) or you"ll use the caret symbol (^) to denote the exponent. The caret is beneficial in cases where you might not desire or must use superscript.

So we stated that exponentation means multiplying the basic number by itself for the exponent variety of times. Let"s look at the a little much more visually:

7 to the 7th power = 7 x ... X 7 (7 times)

So What is the Answer?

Now that we"ve defined the theory behind this, let"s crunch the numbers and also figure the end what 7 come the 7th strength is:

7 to the strength of 7 = 77 = 823,543

Why carry out we use exponentiations prefer 77 anyway? Well, it makes it much simpler for united state to compose multiplications and conduct math operations through both huge and small numbers once you are working v numbers with a lot of trailing zeroes or a the majority of decimal places.

Hopefully this post has helped you to recognize how and why we usage exponentiation and given friend the answer girlfriend were originally looking for. Now that you know what 7 come the 7th power is girlfriend can proceed on her merry way.

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