Popularity and also interest the collectors drives 1934 penny value. A main emphasis of collectors is assembling a arsenal of cents in high grade. Premium problem coins space needed and premium values space attached to these coins.

First Step: begin the: day | Mint mark | problem inspection come judge how much a 1934 cent is worth.

Different mints producing coins (identified by mint marks) are crucial varieties, and detailed on the charts.

Continue through judging condition. Compare to photos of the various grades detect a close complement to condition.


Steps causing Value:

Step 1: Date and also Mintmark variety – identify each date and also its mintmark variety.

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Step 2: Grading problem – Judge condition to identify grade.Step 3: Special qualities – details elements either boost or detract native value.
1934 Lincoln penny ValueCondition that CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1934 Lincoln Penny value Up-Dated2021
1934$0.04 $0.04 $0.05 $5
1934 D$0.04 $0.04 $0.05 $11

Here the process of accurately evaluate a coin begins. Three an essential factors room needed. Day | Mint mark | condition

Date and Mint Mark recognize the range of 1934 cent. Every is provided separately and also scarcity affects your value. Determine the mint note from the images.

Condition of a coin is graded against a standard. Photos of grades are supplied to compare your coin finding a close match narrows the worth range.

Step 1: | Date and Mintmark Combination

Two varieties of 1934 cents to Identify

The us Mint reported an increased need for coinage in 1934. Responding with a total output that 247,526,000 cent struck. High production continued throughout the remainder of the wheat architecture ending in 1958. 1934 marks the beginning of the second era the wheat cents 1934-1958.

1934 Lincoln Penny

No Mintmark Under Date: Philadelphia Mint to win the Coin


Value that 1934 Philadelphia cents reflects its plentiful supply ~ above the rarity scale. A easy worn coin in the exceptionally Fine grade tote a premium, request a closer inspection.

An interesting feature come collectors is the unique style of the "3" in the date. A block "3" was replaced with a much more stylized "3" in 1934 only. With a much more elegant look to the date and also a unique architecture its popularity is assured.

1934-D Lincoln Penny

"D" Mintmark Under Date: Denver Mint struck the Coin


Denver 1934 cents stand for the 2nd variety. Striking far fewer (28,446,000) than Philadelphia. Here is an instance were original numbers does not affect value. Abundant on the rarity scale. Numerous are accessible to collectors, and with many to choose from their interest is in higher condition examples.

A premium is awarded to coins that have not to be cleaned, cost-free from distracting marks and crisp details. Lincoln"s coat is one area prone to loosing boldness. A solid line separating the bow tie from the coat is indicating a greater grade.

Step 2: | Judge condition to identify Grade

1934 Penny value Tied to Condition

Condition is the level of preservation coins display. Great denotes this and is offered by collectors as soon as describing and also placing a worth on a coin. Photos below help visualize these different stages of condition.

When viewing her coin in the grading process, use a single light source. Holding the coin a tiny distance from a 100 watt light and also tilting at a shallow angle brings out subtle details.


Uncirculated Grade: one uncirculated coin has no wear come its surface. Copper coins tone a range of shades the brown over time however is no an clues of circulation wear. Lincoln"s jaw extending to his ear is an area at risk to first wear, referee for any smoothness and also lack of luster.

With all original style detail still undamaged view Lincoln"s chin and jaw. It is covered with a beard plainly showing details. Numerous subtle high and lower locations are visible expanding to the lower ear. A texture of luster have to cover the whole area and also sit on optimal of the good details. No smoothing to the steel is evident.

Wear would display at Lincoln"s jaw really quickly if a coin gone into circulation. Glowing luster is a plus for the 1934 mint state coin imaged. Few marks annoy the surface and also no dulling that shine led to by wear.


Extremely good Grade: Areas of irradiate wear room visible on very Fine class wheat cent. Overall appearance the Lincoln"s jaw is interlocutor with numerous protected areas full of finer details.

Down the center of the portrait is high in profile prolonging to Lincoln"s chin. Wear on his jaw prolonging to the chin remains light v minor flattening of the metal. A clear separation is noted between the ear and also jaw. Just a tiny line of flatness suggests light wear.

Bold devices, spicy legends, and a well raised day enhance eye appeal of this 1934-D penny. A nice quality instance sought by collectors. Wheat pennies indigenous the 1930"s space sought in high circulated grades. A pleasing circulated example fits nicely into collections.

Fine Grade: Moderate stay with significant design aspects remaining specifies a wheat penny in well grade. Smoothing the finer information along Lincoln"s jaw line is noted. However, no wide-spread flatting is evident.

Lincoln"s jaw is lacking evidence of a beard. Smooth surface areas just start to attach with the lower ear. Separation native his cheek stays with a reduced relief area between.

Important to value is a satisfaction appearance of color and also mark cost-free surfaces to this old wheat cents. Light brown shade with depths shades in ~ the recesses and fields presents a nice-looking collectible coin.

Good Grade: Heavy stay leveling many of the style is a wheat cent in the good grade. A strong outline that Lincoln remains. His jaw is distinct from the neck. Date and legend room well defined.

Lincoln"s jaw has actually now merged with the reduced ear and is a level area expanding to chin. A once deep contour separating cheek and jaw is worn to a smooth plane.

Visual qualities aid strengthen value of reduced grade wheat cents. Also coloring that toning is appeal to collectors. A lack of distracting marks, and strong legends and date room well received. A wheat cent combining every one of these traits; quite color and also bold details is solid because that the grade.

Video | Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies

Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies proceeds the process of evaluate condition. Video, images, and also descriptions are offered to define important point to the obverse and also reverse.

Step 3: | Special characteristics Enhancing Value

Attention to information Finds Collector Quality and Value

1934 is a pivotal year in wheat coin values. Circulated coins listed below the class of incredibly Fine space now found in big quantities. Mean circulated condition coins are worth a few cents each. In contrast any type of date prior to 1934 is well above this minimum worth in similar condition.

To recognize a higher quality circulated coin, watch for several features.

also toning without any type of splotches of dark areas. An absence of concentrated debris in ~ lettering. Big marks remarkable to the eye, lower quality. Areas of the coin cost-free of significant marks is desirable. Crispness to in its entirety look that the coin. Well characterized bow tie and date are focal points, as soon as sharp these room a strong plus.

Attention to eye appeal plus grading for wear identifies a better-quality coin. These above average problem coins dated in the mid 1930"s attract attention native young and brand-new collectors.


US Mint. 1935 us Mint annual Report https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/publisherdetail/51

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Lincoln Penny value Chart

Lincoln Wheat cents span the years 1909 with 1958. Native the top condition coins collected by progressed collectors to worn examples; to an affordable repertoire for young collectors, the selection of value is extensive. Recognize your date, mint and condition and also refer to the value chart.

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Printable paper to list and also inventory her coins.

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All us coin values. Acknowledge your old coins using the picture links causing value charts. Day | Mintmark | condition are considered; every described and also imaged within every series. Surprising worth is often uncovered in the the smallest of detail.