The huge landmasses on planet planet are known as the Continents. The continents are split into various countries. There space a full of 7 continents i beg your pardon are detailed below.

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AsiaEuropeNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAfricaAustraliaAntarctica 

The height 10 largest nations in the world by area are offered below:

Russia (Europe)Canada (North America)China (Asia)USA (North America)Brazil (South America)AustraliaIndiaArgentinaKazakhstanAlgeria 


Brief information around different continent are offered below:


It is the largest continent in the world.Asia covers about 30% the the world’s full land area.Approximately 60% of the world population stays in Asia.


Australia is well-known as the island continent.Australia is fully surrounded by oceans on every sides.Australia totally lies in the southerly Hemisphere.Australia is the smallest continent.

North America

It is the world’s 3rd largest continent in the world.North America is fully located in the Western and Northern Hemisphere that the globe.North America is surrounded by 3 different oceans – Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Arctic Ocean.


Europe is the second smallest continent.Europe is bound by water body on 3 sides.The Arctic one passes through Europe.


Sahara desert, the world’s largest hot desert is situated in afri continent.Africa is the 2nd biggest continent in the world.World’s longest river, the Nile , flows with African continent.The zero level latitude or the equator runs with the middle of the continent.Major part of the afri continent lies in the north Hemisphere.It stop a unique distinction that that is the only continent with which the tropic that capricorn, equator, and also tropic that cancer passes v the continent.

South America

Narrow strip of land called Isthmus that Panama off the south American continent and also North American continent.The world’s biggest river, the Amazon, is in southern America.World’s longest hill range, the Andes, is located in south America.


Antarctica does not have any permanent person settlements.There are study stations of numerous countries in Antarctica.

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Dakshin Gangotri and Maitri room the research train station of India in ~ Antarctica.The South Pole lies in ~ the centre of Antarctica.Thick ice sheets permanently cover Antarctica.