A mythological creature, a winged lion dates back to ancient times. This flying lion-like creature has actually origins in Heraldry, Christianity, Mesopotamian, and Greek mythologies.

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The world of mythology has had terrifying winged creatures. In Greek mythology, Harpies were spirits of wind (kind that winged monsters in person form) who clasped people and made things disappear. And if you look back at the old Mesopotamian mythology, folklore, and also legends, you’ll discover the beginnings of a creature called ‘winged lion’. Resembling a lion v bird-like wings, lock are even known to have their beginnings in Christianity and Heraldry.

Here you’ll become familiar v winged lion’s different mythological adaptations, the emblems, and also its appearances in pop culture.

Various Mythical Adaptations of Winged Lion in ancient & medieval Civilizations

In ancient and medieval civilizations, the winged lion is uncovered in different forms. Here are the various mythological adaptations for the winged lion:

Lion the Saint Mark


Heraldic price of evangelist St. Mark, the Lion that Saint note is a winged lion hold a Bible. That is the price of Venice and also Greek Orthodox Patriarchate that Alexandria.


The gold Lion features the Lion that Saint Mark and also it is the prize of the highest award that the Venice movie Festival.



In Sumerian, Persian and also Akkadian mythology, lamassu is one Assyrian protective deity often portrayed as a winged lion. Shedu is lamassu’s masculine counterpart.

Winged Lion indigenous Daniel 7


The seventh chapter of Daniel ‘Daniel 7’ is about Daniel’s vision of four human being kingdoms replaced by the kingdom the God. From the 4 beasts that come out of the sea, the very first beast resembled a winged lion (lion with wings of an eagle).

Winged Sphinx

In Greek mythology, a sphinx is shown as a monster v a woman’s head, a lioness’s body, an eagle’s wings, and also a serpent-headed tail.


Griffin is a mythical animal of old Greek v the hind legs of a lion and head, neck, and wings of an eagle. Connected with the sun god Apollo and also Romans, the was taken into consideration eminent.


In various countries, the emblems the the winged lions have been featured.

The Lion that Saint note is likewise featured ~ above the symbol and also logo the Italian insurance company Assicurazioni Generali.The Republic of Venice’s emblem is the heraldic symbol of St. Note the Evangelist, the patron saint the the Republic.The old bronze sculpture that Lion that Venice is positioned in the Piazzetta di san Marco, VeniceThe flag that the short-lived Septinsular Republic attributes a winged lionThe emblem that the north Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO) allied Joint pressure Command naples headquarters in Italy features a winged lion holding a sword and scroll (PAX - Latin because that "peace" is written).

Winged Lion’s illustration In pop Culture

The winged lions were featured in different media appearances:

In Adventure pursuit Worlds, a pet called Pegalion is a winged lion.In the renowned manga series ‘MÄR’, one of Dorothy"s ÄRMs is flying Leo i beg your pardon summons a flying lion.

In Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, ‘King Moonracer’ is a winged lion.

The mythological people is rife with half human-half animals, dragons, and also flying creatures. Even though castle mythical having actually existence only in legends, they sure space a subject of interest and intrigue amongst cryptozoologists.

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