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Advantages and disadvantages of multi party system: Multi-party device is a political mechanism in which an ext than 2 political next are allowed to exist and also compete for acquiring of political power and governing the country. This type of party system is an expansion of a two-party mechanism as one party rarely wins a clean cut bulk of seat in the conference to allow it type the government. The i can not qualify of one party to success a clear cut bulk of seat in the parliament leader to the development of a coalition government. The is, a government formed by two or an ext parties that come with each other as a an outcome of the i can not qualify of non the the existing parties to success a clean cut majority seats in the parliament.

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Multi party system demands a high level of political maturity, a culture of tolerance and also understanding a high conventional of politics discipline. That is without doubt advantageous and that is why countries like: Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Nigeria, India and also Zimbabwe methods it it spins today.

Nonetheless, multi party system also has that disadvantages too. The arguments versus the system contributes come the factors why most countries prefer a one party or two party mechanism to a multi party system. In this article, we will be looking at the benefit (Merits) and disadvantages (demerits) that a multi party system. But prior to that, that is likewise imperative to understand the attributes or attributes of this system.

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advantages and also disadvantages that multi party system

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Table the Content

Characteristics the Multi party system

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Merits or benefits of multi party system

1. It provides room because that democracy: Democracy is a kind of federal government in i beg your pardon the human being rules. It is a government that considers the choices and also opinions that the people. Since Multi party system gives room for civilization to elect their leaders from any political party of their choice, it therefore encourages democracy too.

2. Allows an ext shades that opinion: Multi party system allows for more shades that opinion in the conference which augurs well because that the country. The presence of many political parties makes it possible for much more persons to represent the world in the parliament.

3. Provision of more comprehensive choice: unlike a one party or two party state, multi party system provides the electorate broader range of an option of politics parties.

4. Avoids the introduction of a dictators: Another benefit of one party mechanism is that, it avoids the development of a dictator. No single party in a multi party device is strong enough come encourage the appearance of a dictator. Castle all compete to success the to trust of the electorates.

5. Widens politics education: In my post on the differences in between political party and pressure group, I listed that politics parties help to provide political education and learning to the masses who don’t recognize their political rights. Consequently, in a multi party system, the border of political education the electorate receives often tends to widen with the existence of many political parties in the system.

6. Guarantees smooth change in government: Multi party device is not prefer a one party system where one political party rule the nation for an unlimited number of years. The is easier to change any government that allienates itself from the world in a multi-party system.

7. That permits human rights: Multi party system allows the citizen of a country to exercise their an essential human legal rights of politics association rather than being thrown into political bondage in a plone party system and also provides avenue for liberty of speech.

8. Permits a wide variety of ideology: belief is like the backbone of every political party because it highlights what the political party desires to achieve. Uneven one-party mechanism in which only one ideology is permitted, multi-party system enables for a wide selection of ideologies. Thus, the masses can select from any political party that fits their aspirations and desires.

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Demerits or defect of multi party system

1. Waste of resources: utilizing Nigeria as a situation study, multi party system usually lead to waste of government resources. The lot needed human and material sources which would have actually been directed towards the urgent task of national advance are wasted right into unprofitable politics rivalry.

2. That is expensive come run: unequal one party system, multi-party system tends come the as well expensive to maintain an ext than two parties and also their paraphernalia. Aside from that, the price of conducting elections because that the politics parties have the right to be terrifying sometimes.

3. Leader to unhealthy rivalry: Multi party device usually result in political crisis and also dispute among citizens in the country. This unhealthy rivalries results in oppression, suppression and also detention of leader of the opposition parties.

4. It urges corruption in the parliament: that has also been said that multi party device promotes corruption amongst members the the parliament throughout the happen of bills. The i can not qualify to the judgment of the party to success a clean cut majority in the conference in a multi party system gives room to bribery and also Corruption in stimulate to pass a bill.

5. Choice violence: election violence is a common occurrence in a multi party system. This is so due to the fact that the presence of plenty of political next in a multi party system and the competitions the go v it exposes the country to all develops of choice malpractice like rigging.

6. It may result in national disintegration: because of the different political ideologies which the world have, over there is typically a nationwide disintegration. Multi party system act as an effective instruments because that disintegrating the people and tends to emphasize the religious and ethnic differences of the people.

7. That is unafrican: Multi party device is not in line through African timeless political mechanism in which there is no concept in institutionalized opposition within the politics community.

8. Leads to political instability: The unhealthy rivalry, constant political re-alignment and coalition makes federal government of a country to the weak and also unstable. That can likewise damage the name of the federal government internationally and decrease the reputation of the country.

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So far, we have discussed the meaning, features/Characteristics, advantages and defect of multi party system. I believe that by analysis this article, you now know why some countries practice multi party system and why some countries does not. Meanwhile, you can leave her comments and contributions below.