Chef Jessie Sincioco shares with us the dishes she offered Lolo Kiko during his visit to the Philippines.

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Photos from EatSmarter, cooking Classy, and Flickr

When he is at home in Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis sticks come a modest fare that skinless baked chicken, salad, fruits, and a glass of wine. Yet when he travels, Lolo Kiko’s hosts choose to indulge him through a couple of of his guilty pleasures. Admirers the the divine Pontiff recognize of his sweet tooth and also his love the pizza! 

For his visit come the Philippines native January 15 to 19, 2015, the job of feeding the Pope checked out Chef Jessie Sincioco, who all set a special menu for Lolo Kiko during his continue to be at the Apostolic Nunciature.

According to Chef Jessie, the score wasn’t simply to whip increase delicious dishes because that His Holiness, yet “to make certain he has sufficient energy since his schedule to be so hectic. He is non-stop,” she called ABS-CBN. 

This framed picture of chief Jessie and Pope Francis hangs in a location of respect at her namesake restaurant in the Rockwell Club. (Photo by Victor Guerrero)

Mission achistoricsweetsballroom.complished. Chef Jessie claims Pope Francis constantly cleaned his plate—a sign of the man truly wade his talk. “Throwing away food,” the Pontiff famously declared, “is prefer stealing native the tables the those who space poor and hungry.”

Here are few of the sweets and savories chief Jessie offered Pope Francis throughout his stay in Manila! (Read: CBCP officially invites Pope Francis come visit the Philippines in 2021)

Breakfast: Bread, cold cuts, yoghurt, and fruit

Photo from The Independent

A light yet well-rounded means to begin the day, the spread consisted of Pope Francis’ favorite focaccia (crusty Italian bread) and also his choice of meats, fruits (seedless to assist digestion), and also dairy. 

Soup: Beef consommé

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Chef Jessie turned the warm broth significance into a meal in itself by including herb dumplings. Apparently, Pope Francis took pleasure in it so much, he requested for 2nd and 3rd helpings! 

Main Course: Chicken Chimichurri

Photo from food preparation Classy

A nod to Pope Francis’ Argentine roots, the dish is spiced up v chimichurri, a green sauce or condiment do of carefully chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, red pepper flakes, and also red alcohol vinegar. As for the chicken, chef Jessie made certain to tuck in extra parts under the chicken breast. 

Dessert: Flambeed Mango a la Mode

Photo native Flickr

Served with Mantecado ice Cream, this sweet ending to a hearty enjoy the meal was more than well-received through Lolo Kiko.

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Chief Jessie claims in an interview, “He really preferred ice cream. The scraped the key clean.”