Informal. (used with the word "not" or in a generally negative statement come emphasize one adjective, noun phrase, or clause) really; surely: that is so no funny!My mom is for this reason going to kill me!
(used before an adverb or an adverbial clause and followed by as) to such a degree or extent: so far as ns know.

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(used as an affirmative to emphasize or confirm a ahead statement) most certainly: I claimed I would certainly come, and also so ns will.
(used together an emphatic affirmative come contradict a previous statement) indeed; truly; too: i was so at the party!
with the result that (often complied with by that): He checked carefully, so that the mistakes were caught.
something that is around or near the people or things in question, as in number or amount: of the original twelve, 5 or so remain.
(used together an exclamation that surprise, shock, discovery, inquiry, indifference, etc., according to the manner of utterance.)
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only / just so many, gift a limited or little number or amount: I have the right to eat just so many pieces that fruit.
only / just so much, being a restricted amount or quantity; up to a particular point or maximum: I have the right to eat just so lot fruit; simply so lot that one can do in such a case.
so as, with the an outcome or purpose: to turn up the volume that the radio so regarding drown out the noise indigenous the next apartment.Older Use. Noted that: ns like any type of flower, just so as it's real.

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so much, something, as an quantity or cost, the is not specified or determined: The carpeting is priced in ~ so much per yard. All that is or needs to be said or done: So lot for the preliminaries, let's acquire down to the real issues.
5. The intensive so meaning “very or extremely” ( Everything's so expensive these days ) wake up chiefly in not blocked speech. In writing and also formal speech, extensive so is most often followed by a completing that clause: whatever is for this reason expensive the some family members must struggle just to survive. 19, 20. The conjunction so (often followed by that ) introduces clauses both of objective ( us ordered ours tickets at an early stage so that we might get an excellent seats ) and also of result ( The river had frozen during the night so human being walked across it every the next day ). In formal speech and also writing, so that is somewhat much more common 보다 so in rule of purpose. Otherwise, either so or so that is standard. like and, but1 , and or, for this reason can occur as a transitional word at the start of a sentence: So every our tough work finally lugged results. See likewise as1, and, but1.