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Panama City, Spanish Panamá or Ciudad de Panamá, capital of the Republic that Panama. The is located in the east-central component of the nation near the Pacific s terminus that the Panama Canal, top top the Gulf of Panama. Area city, 38.5 square mile (100 square km). Pop. (2010) city, 430,299; (2010 est.) city agglomeration, 1,378,000.



The website of the future city was initially an Indian fishing village; the surname Panamá way “many fish.” The old city (Panamá Viejo) was started in 1519 by Gov. Pedro Arias Dávila and also was do the chair of both secular and ecclesiastical authority. From the Andean countries bullion to be shipped northward through sea to Panama City, and from over there it to be carried across the isthmus through pack animals to Nombre de Dios or Portobelo ~ above the Caribbean coast for shipment to Spain. The city flourished until the depredations of pirates and also privateers curtailed trade. In 1595 sir Francis Drake tried unsuccessfully to send a force across the isthmus to bag old Panama; in 1671, however, Henry (afterward teacher Henry) Morgan completely destroyed it.


Modern structures in the city incorporate the royal residence of Justice, La Presidencia, the nationwide Palace, and also the hotel El Panamá. Panama City is the chair of the nationwide university (founded 1935), the college of Santa María la Antigua (1965), and also schools of dance, music, art, and theatre connected with the national Institute that Culture. There room a number of academies, libraries, museums, and also research institutes. The Gorgas Memorial activities of Tropical and also Preventive medication was developed there in 1928. In addition, the Smithsonian Tropical study Institute (founded 1923) is based in Ancón.

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