Aluminum nitride, described as azanylidynealumane in IUPAC nomenclature, is an inorganic compound the aluminum and nitrogen stood for by the chemistry formula AlN <1>. The is no a naturally-occurring compound and also has to be artificially synthesized <2>. The is identified by high thermal conductivity and also electrical resistivity, also as fantastic corrosion resistance <2>.

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Aluminum Nitride Identification

CAS Number24304-00-5 <1, 3>
PubChem CID90455 <1>
ChemSpider ID81668 <4>
ChEBICHEBI:50884 <5>
EC Number246-140-8 <1, 3>
RTECS NumberN/A <3>


Aluminum Nitride Formula

How is Aluminum Nitride Prepared

Its synthesis requires carbothermal palliation of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) using gaseous nitrogen in ~ a temperature that 1400-1700 °C <6>:

Al2O3 + C → Al2O2 + COAl2O2 + 2C + N2 → 2AlN + 2CO

Sintering aids like CaO or Y2O3 room used, and then the mix is hot pressed to create the thick technical-grade material.


Aluminum Nitride Powder

Properties and also Characteristics of Aluminum Nitride

General Properties

Molar Mass/Molecular Weight40.989 g/mol <1>

Physical Properties

Color and AppearanceWhite to pale yellow powder or paper <3, 4>
Melting Point2200 °C, 3990 °F <3>
Boiling Point2517 °C, 4563 °F <3>
Density2.9-3.3 g cm-3 <3>
State of issue at room temperature (solid/liquid/gas)Solid <3>
SolubilitySlightly soluble in mineral acids, decompose in water options containing acids and bases <7>
Solubility in WaterInsoluble (monocrystalline form), hydrolyzes (powder form)
Thermal Conductivity80-200 W/K.m <3>
Volume Resistivity1010-1016 Ω.cm <8>
Dielectric Constant9.14 <9>
Hardness1100 Kg/mm2 <10>
Thermal Emissivity (100 °C)0.93 <11>
Infrared Refractive index (300 K)2.1-2.2 (monocrystals and epitaxial films), 1.9-2.1 (polycrystalline films), 1.8-1.9 (amorphous films) <9>
Lattice constant (300 K) a and also c3.11(1) Å and 4.98(1) Å <9>

Atomic Properties

Crystal StructureWurtzite


Aluminum Nitride crystal Structure

What is It used for

RF filter in cellphones consist the a microelectromechanical device (MEMS) device, dubbed thin film bar acoustic resonator (FBAR), which provides AlN <13>.A piezoelectric layer of AlN is used in make micromachined ultrasound transducers (MUTs) that have actually applications in velocity sensing, robotics, and medical imaging <14>.Aluminum nitride nanotubes are used as chemical sensors because that detecting toxic gases <15>.

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Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Sheet

Aluminum Nitride Toxicity

Exposure come AlN v mouth, inhalation, or injection may cause bone and also lung toxicity <17>. Repeated exposure deserve to irritate the eyes and also skin <17>.