Maple Syrup

Sugar solutions or "syrups" are used generally in canning, and sometimes described as "heavy" or "light" syrups.

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The state heavy and light are generally used in two different ways. We refer to weight once we say that an adult is heavier 보다 a child. Top top the various other hand, something rather is alluded to when we say the one syrup is heavier 보다 another. A tespoon of hefty syrup would certainly obviously weigh much less than a gallon of irradiate syrup, yet heavy syrup is more heavier in the sense that a offered volume weighs more than the very same volume of light syrup. It"s exciting that a given volume that "heavy cream" actually weighs less than "light cream" (in this case, "heavy" describes the thickness, or percent milk fat).

In "Molecular Gastronomy", Herve This (pronounced Thees) point out out<2> that an ext precision is needed in canning recipes. Some call a heavy syrup 1 cup street to 2 cups water (a proportion of 0.5:1) while others describe a medium syrup as 3-1/4 c sugar to 5 c water (a proportion of 0.65:1). The last is actually heavier, or denser. I m sorry is much better for canning?


In basic it is not important to weigh specifically 1 cm3 of a material in stimulate to identify its density. We simply measure mass and volume and divide volume into mass:

< extDensity = dfrac extmass extvolume>


< ho = dfrac extm extV>

where ρ = density m = massive V = volume

Canning Fruit

The graph below shows the the density of a syrup or beverage have the right to be provided to recognize its percent sugar. This is done consistently in the beer and also fruit juice industry, however the dependence of thickness on sugar concentration is the communication of a rational an approach of picking the best syrup composition for canning:

This notes that in more heavier syrups, fruit floats, and also is dehydrated by osmosis, shrivelling castle up. In irradiate syrups, fruit sink and break apart, absorbing water through osmosis. He recommends making the syrup a tiny too heavy, then including the fruit, and including water until the fruit simply ceases to float.



a) because the submerged peach displaces its own volume,

< extDensity = ho = dfrac extm extV = dfrac37.42 g 35.80 mL = ext 1.045 g/mL or 1.045 g mL^-1>

b) The volume of the syrup need to be calculate first, using the formula

< extV = ext7.00 cups imes ext240 dfrac extmL extcup = ext1680 extmL ext or ext1.68 x 10^3 extmL>

The mass of street is 4.00 cup x 200 g/cup = 800 g, and the massive of water is 5.00 cups x 226 g/cup = 1130 g or 1.13 x 103 g.

So the complete mass is 800 g + 1130 g = 1930 g or 1.93 x 103 g.

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Then < ho = dfrac extm extV = dfrac1930 g 1680 cm^3 >

. This is all a an excellent reason to move to the metric system, and cook by weights (as the rest of the human being does), not volumes. Clearly, it renders no feeling to record the volume of sugar as 4.00 cups quite than 4 cups!

Pousse Cafe

An after dinner drink called a Pousse coffee shop <5> is made from native bottom come top, red grenadine, yellow chartreuse and green chartreuse. This can be simulated through coloring sugar water of various concentrations <6> that demonstrates exactly how less thick liquids float on an ext dense liquids, if they"re preserved from mix by carefully and slowing putting them.