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What is a seer and how is a seer identified from a prophet? The scriptures shows us they are the very same …but different.

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What is a seer? those the difference in between a seer and also a prophet? execute prophets see visions? and if they perform see visions, does the make castle the same?


I came throughout the hatchet “seer” together I to be looking right into the differences in between dreams, visions, words and also pictures.

I wasn’t too sure of the answer, so i did my very own research, i beg your pardon revealed there’s more to it 보다 meets the eye.

Experience as A Seer

I didn’t recognize until fairly recently, however I have actually some endure of gift a seer.

I execute hear god’s voice on a continual basis, however just as much, i “see” what the is doing.

In various other words, I obtain words, pictures and sometimes, visions and dreams indigenous him.

Seer the Jesus

On one such occasion, I had a lively dream around Jesus.

I observed him ~ above the cross, in ~ the minute of his death. The let the end a cry and also died, and also at that moment, I witnessed an explosion of strength in the heart realm. All the colours of the rainbow to be released and also moved external from him.

The explosion issued indigenous what I can only explain as a suddenly split in between Jesus and also the remainder of the Godhead. At that moment, his life to be ripped far from his heavenly Father and also from holy Spirit.

I didn’t understand this in ~ the time, yet I now see that God is life and there is no fatality in him. So, as soon as Jesus died, that was cut off somehow from the rest of the Trinity.

I wouldn’t want to begin to recognize the theology behind this, and also I don’t recognize if over there are ideal biblical grounds for such thinking (so nothing quote me ~ above it!).

The necessary thing is what the mr revealed come me through: From that explosion, there to be a tide of power that got to out into the totality universe and additionally through the entirety of time.

Seeing Is Believing

When ns woke up, this dream had actually a profound impact on me. Ns thought around it for days and I finished up asking an creative friend to repaint it together a picture. You can see the results in the featured photo for this article.

I ended up making use of the paint for a sermon in church, a few weeks later.

Although the came with a dream, i saw miscellaneous in the heart realm. Other that had actually a profound affect on the world.

For me, that explained and described just how it could be the Jesus’ fatality on the cross thousands of miles away and also 2000 year ago, can reach across both distance and also time to make a difference to people today.

What Is A Seer? – Definition

A fast Google transforms up the following when ns look because that a an interpretation of “seer”:

A person of supposed supernatural insight who look at visions of the future.

That makes sense, however surely that’s no much various to a prophet?

I think there is a bit an ext to it 보다 that.

If ns was to specify seer, climate it would certainly be someone who knows what God is doing, and is about to do, in the heavenly realm and here ~ above the earth.

They recognize this generally through watching your Lord, with seeing the go around his work, native a ar of intimacy.

What Is A Prophet? – Definition

Again, a quick look at a an interpretation of “prophet” turns up the following:

A person regarded as an influenced teacher or proclaimer of the will of God.


A person who predicts what will happen in the future.

But to me, a prophet is just someone that shares messages from God with one person or countless people.

Those message reveal and also convey oh my god purposes, intentions and heart for the human being involved.

The messages may be said in pictures and visions, however the prophets listen God’s voice, simply as much as they watch what the is doing.

Biblical Seers

Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel all saw visions of oh my god throne, in which castle looked upon God himself and also learnt profound truths around his nature.

Daniel famously saw an effective visions the the finish times and also of the climactic occasions in the nations, the would sooner or later lead approximately Jesus’ birth.

These dramatic encounters between the prophets and their heavenly king remind us of his lordship. Castle remind united state of his complete control over history and the continuous story the the people in which we live.

Each that these males heard god’s voice, but what they experienced in his presence creates the key body of exactly how we mental them. They were seers.

Conclusion: What Is A Seer?

A seer is a prophet that sees visions.

They see what God is doing and also revealing, quite than just hearing his words.

So a seer is a prophet, but a prophet no necessarily a seer.

It’s not that a seer no hear god’s voice, or that a prophet doesn’t see him in the spirit. It’s much more that each duty has one emphasis, a propensity towards one or the other.

For part people, it might be evident whether they room a prophet or a seer. For others, the line in between the two might be much more blurred or unclear.

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As I stated at the beginning, castle the same, yet different!

But this brings me to another important question:

If a seer “sees” what God is doing and a prophet hears, what’s the difference in between a prophetic word and also a vision, beyond the obvious?And what’s the difference between a vision, a picture and a dream?

I’ll explore the answer to those questions in an ext detail, next time.

What Is A Seer? – her Turn

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