Definition noun, plural: agglutinogens any kind of substance that acts together an antigen to stimulate manufacturing of particular agglutinin. Supplement Agglutinogens in the blood room proteins currently on the surface of every red blood cabinet in the body. The sort of agglutinogens present on the red blood cell helps recognize the blood form of a person. If a person has blood form A, his red blood cells space studded v agglutinogens A only. If blood form B, the agglutinogens existing are only agglutinogens B. If blood type AB, both agglutinogens A and also B space present. In blood kind O, there room no agglutinogens top top the surface of the red blood cells. Word origin: agglutin(in) + -gen (production). Synonym: agglutogen. Compare: agglutinin. See also: agglutination.

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