Endoskeleton and Exoskeleton are the components of the body of life organisms which possess a body through a facility network of various organs.

The hard component which is the interior support the the framework is called an endoskeleton. That is occurred from endoderm and also is referred to as a life structure. Some instances of endoskeleton space cartilage, bone, etc. The hard component present exterior the human body which protects the soft tissues and also muscles is referred to as the exoskeleton. It is emerged from ectoderm and also is mostly referred to as a non-living structure. Some instances of the exoskeleton room hair, feather, scales, horns, etc.

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Difference between Endoskeleton and Exoskeleton

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Refers come the interior skeletonRefers to the external skeleton
Develops from
Made of
Phosphorous and also calciumCalcified shells, scales, cuticle
Inside the bodyOutside
Grows with the body

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