Some las Cruces brand-new Mexico Facts

Established: 1849Population:Las Cruces: 95,000Doña Ana County: 200,000

Elevation: 3,896 feet

Geographical LocationLas Cruces is situated in southern new Mexico. We space on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, at the foot that the organ Mountains and along the financial institutions of the Rio Grande. Las Cruces is 225 miles south of Albuquerque, NM, 275 miles east of Tucson, AZ and 42 miles west of El Paso, TX.

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WeatherLas Cruces enjoys 350 days of sunshine a year. Temperature in the summer months consistently reach the high 90s, with nighttime lows in the 60s. The autumn air is a little bit cooler v daytime highs of mid 70s to low 80s. During the winter, when northern states space digging themselves out from under the snow, ras Cruces basks in daytime temperatures ranging from the top 50s to reduced 60s. As spring come in March and also April, temperatures rise steadily native the short to high 80s. Ras Cruces receives an mean of 8.5 inches of rain per year and no more than two inches of eye in the winter.

Getting to ras CrucesMost air travel is with the El Paso global Airport, located much less than one hour south of ras Cruces in El Paso, TX. The plane accommodates most major commercial airlines and also has direct shuttle solutions from the plane to several points in las Cruces. The las Cruces international Airport is equipped to business private and also charter aircraft.

If you are traveling to ras Cruces by car, us are situated at the intersection of interstates 10 (east-west) and 25 (north-south) in southern New Mexico.

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Occasionally, Highway 70 heading eastern out of ras Cruces is temporarily closed for a short period of time because of testing in ~ White Sands Missile Range. Speak to in advancement if you space planning come head the direction.

Awards and Recognition

AARP – height 10 Sunny places to Retire, 2012

Forbes – one of the best Places to Retire in 2014

PARADE Magazine – peak 25 Hardest Working towns in America , 2012

Guidebook America – one of the country’s optimal 10 spring Break Destinations for Families, 2012

US News & civilization Report – 10 cities for real Estate Steals, 2010, ideal Retirement Destination, 2015

US News & civilization Report, nationwide Universities Rankings – Tier 1 school (NMSU), 2014

Sunset newspaper – 20 best Towns of the Future, 2010

AARP The magazine – Dream towns to Retire, 2006, 2010

Facilities & Destinations newspaper – height Destination, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009

Inc. Magazine – one of 2007’s peak 20 Boomtowns

Money Magazine – among the best College communities to Retire, 2005

National Motorcoach Network – optimal 50 Motorcoach Destinations in the United claims 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Hispanic Magazine – height 10 cities for spain to Live, 2002, 2003

Forbes/Milken Institute – Best small Metro Area for service & Careers, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2010, 2013

Family Digest – ideal Place come Live, 2002

Money Magazine – among the best Places come Retire, 2002

Where to Retire Magazine – among America ’s optimal 100 Retirement Towns, 2001

Global trade Magazine – las Cruces called a “Best City for an international Trade 2015”

KaBOOM! In partnership v the Humana Foundation – “Playful City USA” ar 2013, 2014

First STAR Community to be recognized in new Mexico as a sustainable neighborhood that contains a healthy environment, a solid economy and also the wellness of the people living in las Cruces, 2015