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This Minnesota base map highlights the ar of the state capitol,St. Paul, andmajor urban throughout the state. Sections of Minnesota"s border states,Wisconsin,Iowa,South Dakota, andNorth Dakota areincluded to display the relationship between Minnesota and also its neighbors. A tiny inset reflects Minnesota amongst theother 47 Continental joined States.

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Minnesota also shares an global border v Canada on the north.

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Minnesota key map, Courtesy of

This key map of Minnesota illustrates the variety of feet or meter thestate rises over sea level. Together you deserve to see, most of Minnesota rises end 1,000 feet over sea level, withportions follow me the Red River, on Minnesota"s west border, the Minnesota River, in southerly Minnesota, andthe St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers that run along the state"s eastern boundary withWisconsin falling below 1,000 feet over sea level.

The lowest suggest in the state is in ~ the shoreline of Lake remarkable (602 feet over sealevel).

The highest suggest in Minnesota isEagle Mountain,located in chef County,in northeast Minnesota,about 20 miles northwest of grand Marais.Just south of Mound Lake, Eagle mountain reaches 2,301 feet above sea level.

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