CAS No. 20548-54-3 chemical Name: CALCIUM SULFIDE Synonyms Baumol;Oldhamite;C.I. 77245;CALCIUM SULFIDE;Pigment White 9;Calcium-sulphide-;calciumsulfide(cas);Calcium monosulfide;C.I. Colours White 9;Calcium sulfide (CaS) CBNumber: CB3391370 molecule Formula: CaHS Formula Weight: 73.15 MOL File: 20548-54-3.mol

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melt point: 2000 °C thickness 2.6 refractive index 2.12 kind Powder specific Gravity 2.5 shade White Water Solubility Slightly dissolve in water. Insoluble in alcohol. perceptible Moisture perceptible Merck 14,1707 CAS DataBase referral 20548-54-3(CAS DataBase Reference) EWG"s Food Scores 1-2 FDA UNII 1MBW07J51Q EPA problem Registry device Calcium sulfide (CaS) (20548-54-3)

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Calcium sulfide is slightly soluble in water however insoluble in alcohol. That reacts through acids, producing hydrogen sulfide gas.Calcium sulfide is pale yellow to irradiate gray v a bittertaste. It is hygroscopic, creating an odor of H2S inmoist air.


Calcium sulfide occurs in nature as the mineral oldhamite. It has actually several applications. The ‘luminous’ calcium sulfide is offered in phosphors, luminous paints and also varnishes. Calcium sulfide likewise is offered as an additive come lubri cants; and as a flotation certified dealer in ore extraction.


CALCIUM SULFIDE is offered in electron emitters. Luminous CaS provided for making luminous paints or varnishes.


Calcium sulfide deserve to beprepared through the straight reaction that the elements, calcinedin one inert atmosphere, at a 1:1.05 molecule ratio:Ca+S+heat→CaSThis white product crystallizes in a cubic structurelikerock salt and the bonding is highly ionic. This isconsistent through its summary as one ionic solid.CaS can likewise be created by the “carbothermicreduction” of calcium sulfate, which involves the conversionof carbon, generally as charcoal, come CO2:CaSO4+ 2C→CaS+ 2CO2This can react further:3CaSO4+ CaS→4CaO+ 4SO2Thus, this form of ready cannot be offered toprepare a pure CaS salt.Calcium sulfide is accessible commercially together the puresulfide as well as the polysulfide due to its extensiveusage in the past as one insecticide both agriculturallyand in residence gardens.

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Tin(Ⅱ) sulfide ALUMINUM SULFIDE MAGNESIUM NITRIDE PYRITE Poly(vinyl alcohol) Sulfurous acid Calcium carbide Silicon carbide Lithium bromide Zinc sulfide Calcium chloride hexahydrate Calcium Calcium sulfide (Ca(Sx)) Calcium sulfide (CaS), hard soln. Through strontium sulfide, bismuth and also europium-doped Calcium sulfide (CaS), cerium-doped Calcium polysulfide Calcium sulfide (CaS), solid soln. Through strontium sulfide, bismuth and copper-doped
CALCIUM SULFIDE Calcium sulfide (CaS) calciumsulfide(cas) Calcium-sulphide- Calcium sulfide, #325 mesh, 99.9+% steels basis Calcium sulfide, -325 mesh, pure, 99.9+% CALCIUM SULFIDE, 99.99% Calciumsulfide(99.9+%-Ca) CALCIUM SULFIDE , -45 MICRON Calcium sulfide,99.9+%,pure,-325 mesh Calcium sulfide, 99% (metals communication excluding Mg), Mg Calcium sulfide, 99.9% (metals basis excluding Sr), Sr frequently 500 ppm Calcium sulfide, 99.95+% (metals communication excluding Sr), Sr commonly 500 ppm Oldhamite Baumol C.I. 77245 C.I. Colors White 9 Calcium monosulfide colours White 9 Calcium sulfide, 99% trace steels basis not included Mg Calcium sulfide, 99.9% trace metals basis CALCIUM SULFIDE, LUMINOUS 20548-54-3 Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry metal chalcogenides Inorganics CalciumMaterials scientific research Catalysis and also Inorganic Chemistry Chalcogenides chemical Synthesis Metal and also Ceramic science

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