What is Ammonium phosphate?

Ammonium phosphate is an turbulent compound do of ammonium and also phosphate salt v the chemical formula (NH4)3PO4.

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Ammonium phosphate is produced by mixing with each other ammonium phosphate and urea in a molten condition. Considerable heat is generated which transform the ammonium phosphate sulphate come the molten state. It includes a team of nitrogen phosphorus products mono ammonium phosphates and also diammonium phosphates, mixtures of the two or mix with ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulfate.

Other name – triammonium phosphate, diazanium hydrogen phosphate

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Ammonium phosphate structure – (NH4)3PO4


General properties of Ammonium phosphate – (NH4)3PO4

(NH4)3PO4Ammonium phosphate
Density1.619 g/cubic cm
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass149.09 g/mol
Boiling Point130°C
Melting Point155 °C (311 °F; 428 K) decomposes
Chemical FormulaH9N2O4P

OdourAmmonia odour
AppearanceWhite, tetrahedral crystals
Covalently-Bonded Unit3
Hydrogen bond Donor3
SolubilityReadily soluble in water
Solubility pH4 come 4.5

Chemical nature of Ammonium phosphate – (NH4)3PO4

Ammonium phosphate easily undergoes decomposition reaction emitting very toxic fumes. It creates phosphoric acid and also ammonia.

(NH4)3PO4 → 3NH3 + H3PO4

Ammonium phosphate reacts through lead nitrate forming lead phosphate and ammonium nitrate.

4(NH4)3PO4 + 3Pb(NO3)4 → Pb3(PO4)4 + 12NH4NO3

Uses the Ammonium phosphate – (NH4)3PO4

Ammonium phosphate is a vast generic name for a variety of fertilizer products containing both nitrogen and also phosphate.Ammonium phosphates are coming to be increasingly crucial as a source of accessible P2O5. P2O5 is somewhat greater in ammonium phosphates 보다 in triple superphosphate.Mainly provided as a heavy fertilizer however can also be used in solution.Used as materials of intumescent paints and mastics whereby they function as an acid catalyst.Used in paints i beg your pardon pentaerythritol together the carbonific component and also melamine as the certain compound.

Ammonium phosphate is a high source of element nitrogen used as an ingredient in details fertilizers. This is likewise used in thermoplastic formulations together a flame retardant.

Ammonium phosphate add to nitrogen and phosphates to the lawns which absence the nutrients. Ammonium phosphate is a fast-release fertilizer that deserve to be used for brand-new grass planting, cleaning, monitoring, or lawn renovation.

Ammonia has one nitrogen and three hydrogens protest to one nitrogen and four hydrogens developed by ammonium. Ammonia is a low, unionized foundation. In the other side, the is ionized to ammonium. Some significant distinctions in between the two is the Ammonia offers off a heavy odour while Ammonium does no smell in ~ all.

Ammonium phosphate is an orthophosphoric acid ammonium salt. Formula (NH4)3PO4 is a highly unstable compound. That is elusive, and of small economic interest as result of its uncertainty.

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It is soluble in water, and also ammonia loses and also the mountain phosphate (NH4)(H2PO4) is developed as the aqueous equipment on the boil. Ammonium phosphate is a high resource of element nitrogen provided as one ingredient in certain fertilizers. This is likewise used in thermoplastic formulations together a fire retardant.


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