Studies have displayed that lumber will record fire once the temperature reaches 572 levels Fahrenheit.

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We all understand there is nothing however wood ashes after ~ the burning of hardwood in ours life.

But try to imagine one more amazing form of wood, can lumber melt into a liquid?

Okay, without additional ado, let’s jump right right into it:

Is it possible to melt wood? go wood have actually a melt point?

Short answer: NO. Unfortunately, us don’t have actually a opportunity to check out a melting wood in real life.

The factor we have the right to not melt lumber is complex before we acquire into that, let’s discover something around melting first.

how does melt occur and also why wood can’t melt?

When an ice cube is melting into water, that’s a physical procedure which we call phase transition.

To make it possible, this requirements should meet:

The substance must be a crystalline solid.The temperature need to reach its melting point.

A crystalline solid’s constituents including atoms and also molecules are extremely ordered.

When the temperature rises, the molecules start to move and the structure of the crystalline solid end up being looser.

When the temperature reaches a particular level, the substance’s molecules will be relocating too quick to keep a heavy shape and also we call this temperature the melt point.

So if we want to melt a wooden log, apparently it’s not gonna work.


After melting, substances will stay the exact same chemical makeup. But wood has numerous components and it is no a kind of crystalline material.

Before you warmth it to the melting point, some components including lignin and also cellulose will certainly oxidize to burn.

In this case, wood does not have a melt point, it only has a burning point.

Any timber will simply burn choose wood pellets in the stove.

How about melt a lumber in a vacuum room wherein no oxygen exists?

That’s not going to job-related either, but due to the fact that we have actually mentioned that melting is a molecule moving game, and wood’s constituents room not ordered together a crystal.

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The cellulose fibers of woods space too long and tangled to have a fluid phase. They will break down and end up being organic compounds prefer carbon and hydrogen etc.

A an innovative Youtuber has likewise made this experiment a video, inspect the video clip below and also see just how it ends: