What sensible problem might occur if the digestive tract to be lined with stratified squamous epithelium instead of straightforward columnar epithelium?

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Stratified squamous epithelium does not enable for absorb to the same level as straightforward columnar epithelium. There would certainly not be sufficient absorption to sustain life.
Can you make the hair on your eight "stand top top end"? based on your results, what type of muscle is responsible for doing this?
: No, you cannot voluntarily make your hairs was standing on end. This is done by smooth muscle which is involuntary
What muscle cell varieties have the adhering to features?a. Striated and voluntary b. Striated and also involuntary c. Nonstriated and involuntary
Epithelium is an ext cellular 보다 connective tissue. The nuclei in plenty of of the an easy epithelial tissues room aligned. In connective organization there are much more non-cellular structures current such as fibers or a matrix.
Label the complying with photomicrographs through tissue form and by using the state provided.a. A. Elastic fibers, b. Collagenous fibers, c. Reticular fibersb. A. Cilia, b. Nucleus, c. Basement membranec. A. Striations, b. Intercalated discs, c. Nucleusd. A. Glial cells, b. Nerve cell body
tissue name: Areolar Connective tissue tissue name: Pseudostratified Columnar Epitheliumtissue name: Cardiac muscletissue name: nervous tissue



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