The building refers to exactly how the opposite of a sum of real numbers is equal to the sum of the real numbers" opposites.

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The property written out is -(a+b)=(-a)+(-b).

A straightforward example the this residential or commercial property in action could use the real numbers one and also two, whereby a=1 and b=2. Once a is included to b, the amount of the two numbers is three. The opposite of this amount is an adverse three.

Using the other side that the property,students can make a and b into their opposites, which would be an unfavorable one and negative two. Once these two an adverse numbers are included together, the amount is an adverse three.

In both instances, the final an outcome is an adverse three. This reflects that opposing of the amount of two actual numbers will certainly be the same as including together the opposites the two real numbers.

Another quick example can be whereby a=7 and b=3. When a and also b are included together, the sum is 10, and also therefore, the opposite of this amount is negative 10. Once the opposites the a and also b, -7 and also -3, are included together, the sum is an unfavorable 10 together well.

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The property of the opposite of the sum is simply one the end of the five straightforward properties the addition, according to The other four properties are the identification property, the commutative property, the associative property and also the residential or commercial property of opposites.

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