Factors that 17 room numbers that, when multiplied in pairs provide the product as 17. There are in its entirety 2 factors of 17 i.e. 1 and also 17 where 17 is the greatest factor. The sum of all factors of 17 is 18. The Prime components is 1, 17 and also (1, 17) space Pair Factors.

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Factors the 17: 1 and 17Negative factors of 17: -1 and also -17Prime factors of 17: 17Prime factorization of 17: 17Sum of determinants of 17: 18
1.What space the components of 17?
2.Important Notes
3.How to calculate the factors of 17?
4. Factors that 17 by element Factorization
5.Factors the 17 in Pairs
6.FAQs on components of 17

What room the determinants of 17?

Factors are entirety numbers that division the provided number totally without leaving any kind of remainder.The components of 17 are 1 and 17.

This reflects that 17 is a element number because it has no factors various other than 1 and also itself.

How to calculation the determinants of 17?

We can use various methods prefer the divisibility test, prime factorization, and also the upside-down division method to calculate the components of 17. In element factorization, we express 17 as a product that its prime factors.


Explore components using illustrations and interactive examples.

Factors the 17 by element Factorization

Prime factorization is expressing the number together a product the its factors which are prime. We can do the element factorization of any kind of number by:

Upside-down division method orFactor tree method

Prime administer by division method:

We understand that 1 is a variable of every number, and also 17 is no a many of any type of number. So, we factorize 17 as:


By prime factorization method, we gain 17 = 1 × 17. Therefore, there are no other prime factors of 17 various other than 17 itself.

Factors the 17 in Pairs

Any set of two numbers that pair up to give the product as 17 room its element pairs.

17 = 1 × 17

Therefore, the pair determinants of 17 are (1, 17). 

A number have the right to have an unfavorable pair components as well. This is because of the reality that the product that two an unfavorable numbers is positive.Hence, (-1,-17) is also a element pair of 17.

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Important Notes:

There are just 2 factors of 17, which room 1 and also 17.The variable pairs the 17 room (1,17) and (-17,-1).