Therole and function of Teiresias is an outstanding creation in the plot that Sophocles’drama.

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that was necessary for Sophocles to present Teiresias in “Antigone” ashe to be a part of the myth. As Greek tragedies are complete of Gods, Goddess,divines and also prophetic speeches, the development of Teiresias is essential toprove the drama together a perfect tragedy.

Teiresiaswas the blind prophet the Thebes. In Greek mythology that was recognized as a livingoracle (divine) gifted with the strength of prophecy. The conversation betweenTeiresias and Creon is very important for the construction of the plot. Thescene reflects Creon’s cruelty and his overlook towards the prophet or any kind of religiousbelief. The audience feel horror (fear) in ~ the prophecy and also feel pity (kind)for Creon thinking. Despite Teiresias is blind, he deserve to see the truth. ~ above theother hand, Creon can’t view the fact with his eyes. Teiresias says;

Sophoclesuses the legendary character of Teiresias with great advantages. The plot ofthe drama is such that it surely requirements Teiresias. The prophet is highlyrespected personality in Thebes. His prophecy is gifted by among the Gods,Apollo. But an additional God modified it that nobody will think his prophecy.However, we can see that his prophecy becomes true at the end of the play, Antigone.

Conflictis the essence of any drama. The play “Antigone” is based upon the conflictbetween patriotic and religious ideals. Creon stands for the patriotic idealand Antigone stands for the spiritual ideal. Polynices, child of Oedipus, came toattack his own homeland and also wanted to success the throne of Thebes. But Eteocles,another son of Oedipus, involved save the land. They eliminated each various other in thebattle. Eteocles is buried with state honour. ~ above the various other hand, the dead bodyof Polynices is forbidden to bury by Creon. Because,the king considers him together atraitor.

In this sense, Creon is the many blameless nationalist. however Antigone defies (disobey) the stimulate of the king due to the fact that of tworeasons. The an initial is her sisterly feelings and also the second is her obedience todivine law. Meanwhile, we have interpreted that that is wrong or right. Theprophet provides clear the wish of Gods and also says that it is obligatory to bury thedead body. Here,the opinion of prophet is conflict between the king and theprophecy and it walk on the next of Antigone. This dispute is absolutely adramatic point of the play.

Atfirst, Creon obtain cordially the prophet and asks him what news the hasbrought. Then the prophet replies the he had brought some news and some advicefor Creon. The king claims that he has actually never failed to monitor the advice of theprophet before. But after that the dialogue becomes serious and alarming. Theprophet states that God’s command is to bury a dead body. So the dead body ofPolynices need to be buried and also his blood is of none but Oedipus. The prophetsays;
Creonreacts angrily v the statement that goes versus the bespeak of the king. Hesays the the prophet is relocated by his self-will. The old prophet feels veryinsulting and criticizes the king because that his incapability to establish the advice.The king becomes an ext bitter in his remarks and warns the prophet no to forgetthat he is speaking in front the king. Then Teiresias reminds Creon that he isthe king guided by the prophet.
Thus,Teresias is compelled to do the frightening prophecy. The prophet cautions againthe king that the death of his child will it is in the payment that the fatality ofAntigone. An additional death will happen because of the dead i m sorry is quiet lyingunburied. Creon has actually no alter it. This is the outcome of Creon’s misdeeds. Teiresiassays;
Itis an extremely surprising for the audience that Creon defies the prophet that is anhonourable human being in the city. The king has no special factor to consider for theprophet. On the other hand, the prophet is failure to display the humanity.

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Atlast, the affect of the prophet’s uttering resounds roughly the totality stage. TheChorus and also Creon feeling afraid of it. The king goes to undo his misdeeds givinghonour to Polynices and also spare Antigone. By this time, Antigone has actually alreadyhanged herself, Haemon has actually stabbed himself and also queen committed suicide. Allthese occurred as a an outcome of Creon’s misjudgment. The king establish his errorsand wanted to heed the advice. Yet it was as well late.
However, the character of Teiresias offer adramatic objective to the play. We might not realize the character of Creon ifthere to be no activities of Teiresias. The prophet’s principle is come alwaysspeak the truth. He knows the truth. As soon as the king gets angry, that doesn’t stopthe speak the truth
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