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Square root of 250 is written using the square root radical sign as √250 and it have the right to be simplified additional by separating the number 250 right into its element factors. 250 is separation into that is prime determinants as 2 * 5 * 5 * 5 which indicates √250 = √(2 * 5 * 5 * 5). Currently we deserve to simplify this more by pulling out the number i beg your pardon is multiply to itself. This gives √250 = 5 * √(2 * 5) = 5√10. Thus the square root of 250 is √250 = 5√10.Example 1: Find the worth of the expression, √40 + √250.Here every square root radical have to be streamlined further.√40 = √(2* 2* 2* 5). Currently pull out the number i m sorry is repeating double inside the radical.This gives: 40 = 2√(2* 5)= 2√10 and an in similar way 250 = 5√10.So, √40 + √250 = 2√10 + 5√10 = (2 + 5) √10 = 7√10.(They are choose terms since they have actually the exact same radical √10 and hence deserve to be added).Hence the worth of the expression, √40 + √250 is = 7√10.Example 2: Find the value of the expression, √250 - √10.Here each square source radical should be simplified further.√10 = √(2* 5)and it is currently in that is simplified kind as no number is repeating twice inside the radical to be pulled out.And we have 250 = 5√10.

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So, √250 - √10 = 5√10 -1√10 = (5 – 1) √10 = 4√10.(They are like terms due to the fact that they have the same radical √10 and also hence can be added).Hence the worth of the expression, √250- √10 is = 4√10.

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