Learning just how to solve radical equations requires a most practice and also familiarity the the different species of problems. In this lesson, the score is to show you comprehensive worked options of some difficulties with varying levels of difficulty.

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What is a Radical Equation?

An equation within the change is consisted of inside a radical price or has actually a reasonable exponent. In particular, we will address the square source which is the an effect of having an exponent the Large1 over 2.

Key Steps:

1) isolate the radical symbol on one next of the equation

2) Square both sides of the equation to remove the radical symbol

3) resolve the equation that comes the end after the squaring process

4) examine your answers v the original equationto avoid extraneous values

Examples of just how to deal with Radical Equations

Example 1: resolve the radical equation


The radical is by itself on one next so the is fine to square both political parties of the equations to get rid of the radical symbol. Then proceed with the usual measures in solving linear equations.


You must constantly check her answers come verify if they are “truly” the solutions. Some answers from her calculations might be extraneous. Substitute x = 16 ago into the original radical equation to see whether it yields a true statement.


Yes, that checks, therefore x = 16 is a solution.

Example 2: settle the radical equation


The setup looks great because the radical is again secluded on one side. Therefore I can square both political parties to get rid of that square source symbol. Be careful dealing with the ideal sidewhen girlfriend square the binomial(x−1). You must apply the FOIL method correctly.


We relocate all the state to the best side the the equation and also thenproceed ~ above factoring out the trinomial. Using the Zero-Product Property, we acquire the worths of x = 1 and x = 3.

Caution: always check your calculated valuesfrom the original radical equation tomake certain that they are true answers and not extraneous or “false” answers.

Looks good for both of our solved values of x after checking, so our remedies are x = 1 and x = 3.

Example 3: resolve the radical equation

We have to recognize the radical symbol is not isolated simply yeton the left side. It way we have to get escape of that −1 prior to squaring both sides of the equation. A straightforward step of including both sides by 1 must take care of that problem. After ~ doing so, the “new” equation is comparable to the ones we have gone overso far.

Our possiblesolutions room x = −2 and also x = 5. An alert I use words “possible” due to the fact that it is not last untilwe execute our verification process of checking our values versus the original radical equation.

Since we arrive at a false statement when x = −2, because of this that value of x is taken into consideration to it is in extraneousso we ignore it! leaving us through one true answer, x = 5.

Example 4: settle the radical equation

The left side looks a little messy because there are two radical symbols.But itis not that bad! constantly remember the an essential steps argued above. Since both of the square roots space on one side that method it’s definitely readyfor the entire radical equation to be squared.

So because that our first step, let’s square both sides and also see what happens.

It is perfectly common for this form of problem to see another radical symbol after ~ the an initial application the squaring. The good newscoming the end from this is that there’s only one left. From this point, tryto isolation again the solitary radical ~ above the left side, the should pressure us come relocate the remainder to the contrary side.

As you can see, that simplified radical equation is definitelyfamiliar. Proceed with the usual means of resolving it and make certain that you constantly verify the fixed values that x versus the original radical equation.

I will certainly leave come you to inspect that indeed x = 4 is a solution.

Example 5: deal with the radical equation

This trouble is very comparable to instance 4. The only distinction is that this time about both the the radicals has actually binomial expressions. The technique is likewise to square both sides since the radicals are on one side, and also simplify. But we have to perform the second application of squaring to totally get rid that the square root symbol.

The solution is x = 2. You might verify itby substituting the value back into the original radical equation and see that it returns a true statement.

Example 6: deal with the radical equation

It looks like our very first step is to square both sides and observe what comes out afterward. Don’t forget to incorporate like terms every time girlfriend square the sides. If it happens that one more radical price is produced after the first application of squaring process, climate it provides sense to execute it one more time. Remember, our score is to eliminate the radical symbols to cost-free up the variable we room trying to solve or isolate.

Well, it looks like we will need to square both political parties again due to the fact that of the new generated radical symbol. But we have to isolate the radical an initial on one side of the equation prior to doing so. Ns will keep the square root on the left, and also that forces me to move every little thing to the right.

Looking good so far! now it’s time to square both sides again come finally remove the radical.

Be mindful though in squaring the left side of the equation. Friend must also square that −2 to the left that the radical.

What we have now is a quadratic equation in the traditional form. The best means to solve for x is to usage the Quadratic Formula wherein a = 7, b = 8, and c = −44.

So the feasible solutions room x = 2, and also x = - 22 over 7.

I will leave it to you to inspect those two values the “x” ago into the original radical equation. Ihope you agree the x = 2 is the only solution while the other value is one extraneous solution, so disregard it!

Example 7: settle the radical equation

There are two means to method this problem. Ns could immediately square both sides to remove the radicals or main point the two radicals an initial then square. Both actions should arrive at the very same answers as soon as properly done. For this i will use the second approach.

Next, moveeverything come the left side and solve the resulting Quadratic equation. You can use the Quadratic formula to deal with it, but because it is conveniently factorable I will just aspect it out.

The possible solutions then room x = - 5 over 2 and also x = 3.

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I will leave it to you to examine the answers. The only answer must be x = 3 which provides the other one one extraneous solution.

Radical Equations Worksheets

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