It is 1882 and also William Ritch, Secretary of brand-new Mexico region is tasked with developing a motto to add to our region Seal. He decides ~ above the native Crescit Eundo, Latin because that “It Grows as It Goes”. He had actually his reasons but left no document of why he made decision it. The is not straightforward like Indiana’s “The Crossroads the America”, or sweet and straightforward like Texas’ “Friendship”. This has actually left generations of brand-new Mexicans scratching your heads and also wondering, “What does, the Grows as it go mean?”

Lucretius, De rerum natura” by In Latin, replicated by Girolamo di Matteo de Tauris for Sixtus IV, Italy, 1483

Crescit Eundo has an interesting background behind it. We recognize that Secretary Ritch obtained it from an old Roman text, the “De Rerum Natura”. “On The Nature that Things” was created by the Roman philosopher Lucretius, sometime throughout the first century. It to be a book that took the Roman civilization by storm due to the fact that it explained a natural phenomenon choose earthquakes, disease, and also even death as being caused not through the Gods, yet by nature itself.

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Jupiter Smyrna Louvre Ma13” by Marie-Lan Nguyen

Lucretius want to dispel the idea that the Gods regulated your life. He was an Epicurean, a institution of ideology that thought the gods existed, yet that they did no interfere with the planet or with any of our lives. He additionally believed that all matter, including human beings, were comprised of swirling masses that minuscule and also indivisible particles. These atoms reaction to each other, and causality taken place through your interaction. You have the right to see exactly how close this is come our modern scientific understanding of the world, and also when he composed this book, the Romans were amazed. One spectacular instance from his book was lightning.


Imagine living as a basic farmer in the year 50 BC. Clouds begin to kind in the skies above, and suddenly, without warning, a bolt the heat and also light falls from the heavens through a thunderous roar and blows personally a tree appropriate in prior of you. What else might it be yet the gods being horribly upset at you? What walk you perform to piss castle off?

Good news! says Lucretius, you don’t need to sacrifice her fattest goats to appease the Gods. He goes to great lengths to explain how lighting is a natural phenomenon. That it constantly comes indigenous clouds, for this reason they have a known cause, and also that it deserve to be explained through the communication of atoms.

Once again, since it comes with long-lasting impulse, that is bound come gather speed ever more and more, i m sorry grows as it goes, and increases its strong might and strengthens that is stroke. De Rerum Natura. Publication VI pg 246 that Cyril Bailey’s translate in 1910

In essence, he is saying that the bolt that lightning it s okay faster and also stronger together it moves forward, it grows as it goes, atom by atom, as it comes down from the clouds come the earth. The actual physics that a lightning bolt is actually rather different, but it is no a negative hypothesis because that someone who lived end 2000 years ago.

Fast forward to 1882, and you space William Ritch. You space tasked with coming up through a motto for the land and its people. What execute you pick? A motto says, this is that we are, what we think in, and who us desire to be in the future. Choose the best motto is to put the state and all of its future generations top top a path. You far better pick the right motto.

Crescit Eundo. That grows as it goes, was Lucretius explanation for exactly how a bolt of lightning works. Lightning is a powerful force, but its strength does not come indigenous the gods, it comes from within itself. It flows together a streak the light cultivation atom by atom with the sky.

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If girlfriend have ever before lived in new Mexico, you know that us still have actually a many our old west mentality. Fiercely independent, the civilization know that stamin and good fortune aren’t given to us. These attributes are earned. New Mexicans know that if an excellent things happen, they happen since we do it happen.


Every day, young human being here in new Mexico are beginning businesses with desires of making the money, and that money comes one revenue at a time. We are looking to produce social change to make new Mexico a soil of opportunity, and that readjust happens with each person we talk to around it. Each of us is feather to do life much better for ourselves and our families, and also that life happens by making an effort each and also every day.

A bolt that lightning beginning off together a few electrically fee atoms, climate the charge grows as it goes till it mirrors its true force.