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You deserve to eat green and also yellow Jell-O prior to a colonoscopy, yet stay away from red, orange and also purple gelatins.
After girlfriend schedule a colonoscopy, your doctor will give you a perform of instructions around what come eat and also drink — and, perhaps much more importantly, what ​not​ to eat and drink — in the days before the procedure.

Following these directions will aid ensure the your large intestine is fully empty during the colonoscopy. If it's not, the doctor might not it is in able to clearly see and address potential colon abnormalities, which is the whole suggest of acquiring a colonoscopy in the very first place.

Although doctors' instructions may differ slightly from practice to practice, the list of foods and beverages to avoid prior to her colonoscopy will certainly probably encompass red, purple, orange and sometimes blue Jell-O or other gelatin brands, together with any fluids in those hues.

But girlfriend ​can​ eat yellow and also green Jell-O, which means you have the right to enjoy flavors favor lemon, lime, pineapple, green apple and even Jolly Rancher. (But always check the ingredients brand for red dye simply to be safe.)

And while clear Jell-O is not actually available by the Jell-O brand, you can make your own clear gelatin and add flavoring to it yourself — you'd simply still want to make certain the flavoring girlfriend were adding didn't include any kind of red food dye in it.

The only reason for avoiding certain colored Jell-O (along through other an in similar way colored foods and also drinks) prior to a colonoscopy is that the red food dye looks like blood in the colonoscope camera view. It has actually nothing to do with the chemicals supplied to create specific food coloring.

"The theory is that have the right to make it seem favor you room bleeding, or stain the lining of the colon to make it complicated to see some of the flatter polyps," claims John H. Ashcraft, DO, chief of colon and rectal surgical procedure at the university of Kansas health and wellness System in Kansas City.

In fact, even fairly sophisticated technology still has a hard time distinguishing red food dye indigenous blood, follow to one October 2010 short article published in the journal ​Endoscopy.

Worst-case scenario, the red food color might reason your medical professional to miss out on or misinterpret something during the colonoscopy. Ideal case? Well, you'd have to go v the colonoscopy procedure all end again.

The main colonoscopy prep referrals from the U.S. Multi-Society Task force on Cancer emphasis primarily on drinking numerous clear liquids the day prior to the procedure. Her colonoscopy physician will provide more detailed guidelines.

In enhancement to avoiding red, purple, orange and also sometimes blue Jell-O, you'll be told not to consume:

Red, purple and orange flavored ices and also ice popsRed, purple and also orange hard candies favor Life SaversRed, purple and orange sodasRed, purple and also orange fruit juices

You'll also need to protect against eating any kind of solid foods, consisting of soup comprise bits of dried food or seasoning. And when it involves liquids, you'll should stay away from alcoholic beverages and also juices containing pulp or nectars. It's always best to check the ingredient dashboard on food packaging forward to verify that a given product doesn't contain any kind of red food dye.

The day before your procedure, you'll be asked to consume too many (and us do mean ​lots​) of clean liquids. You'll want to drink more than just water and also coffee or tea, due to the fact that you will require some resource of calorie (read: energy) for the job of the colonoscopy. At the very same time, you'll be losing lots of fluid (thanks to the strong laxatives you'll be taking), and also you don't desire to gain dehydrated.

Clear soups prefer consommé, bouillon and also brothYellow or green Jell-OFlavored ices that aren't red, violet or orangeHard candies that aren't red, purple or orangeClear fruit juices (apple, white cranberry, white grape, lemonade)Clear sodas (Sprite, ginger ale, 7 Up, seltzer)Clear GatoradeBlack coffee (no milk or cream) TeaWater

If you have actually diabetes, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer facility advises consuming just sugar-free liquids, ices or Jell-O.

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Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines; the details instructions girlfriend receive may vary a bit. Ultimately, if you're not certain what's OK come eat as part of your clear liquid diet before your colonoscopy, inspect with her doctor's office. "The final word is to monitor the recommendations of the doctor who gave you the instructions," Dr. Ashcraft says.

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