Waffle House and also IHOP coffee (in fact most restaurants coffee) is better to me 보다 Starbucks through a mile. Totally different taste. Exactly how do I acquire this sort of coffee flavor and also smoothness at home? What is the difference? Acidity? i don’t understand a thing about coffee so pardon my ignorance. I have actually a Keurig in ~ the house and I use ar Coffee Breakfast Blend. The tastes horrible.

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Generally most restaurants purchase a blend of beans from a roaster (or in some really large chains, they'll roll their own).

This blend, linked with a decently repeatable regulate over the variables, have the right to lead come what you're tasting.

I admit I don't know exactly how IHOP's workflow is set up, however generally, it's other like among these 2 setups:

Coffee blend comes in a 5lb bag indigenous roaster in whole beans

Restaurant employee measures out # that grams that coffee beans every instructions created on wall

Restaurant employee dumps coffee beans into commercial grinder that is set to create precisely the correct dimension grounds

Restaurant employee bring away grounds and also dumps lock into giant drip filter and inserts right into batch brewer

Restaurant employee hits switch on batch brewer that is set to send a an exact amount the water, exactly heated come ~200F, v those grounds

Coffee is deposited right into FETCO Luxus or similar container

Coffee is poured into serving containers

Restaurant employee fills her cup

OR...A slightly different flow (usually for larger production focused establishments):

Coffee comes from roaster (maybe pre-ground) in separation, personal, instance pre-measured packets.

Restaurant employee dumps packet into huge drip filter and also inserts into batch brewer

Restaurant employee hits button on batch brewer that is set to send a an exact amount that water, exactly heated come ~200F, with those grounds

Coffee is deposited into FETCO Luxus or similar container

Coffee is poured right into serving containers

Restaurant employee fills her cup

The real lesson right here is:

It usually starts with the beans. They're a blend closely crafted to taste the same each time and across all restaurants. This is usually collection to it is in the "lowest common denominator" - the restaurant desires to salary as tiny as possible, but still have a viable, repeatable product. To it is in clear, what IHOP is serving is not typically a 3rd wave coffee the tastes prefer blueberries or has ideas of orange zest. They simply want "Coffee the tastes favor coffee".

Most the the remainder of the variables are constrained by process or by the machines in use. This makes sure that the very same product comes the end each time.

I would think about IHOP coffee to be a middle-of-the-road "diner coffee". IHOP purchases your coffee from imperial Cup Coffee (from everything I have the right to tell). ( http://www.royalcupcoffee.com/ )

In your case, you say you use a Keurig currently - If you watch/listen to just how that maker works, it has no temperature control, flow control, and also no way to ensure the grounds room evenly saturated. That heats water as much as boiling, gurgles some into the cup thing, and drips it out into a cup.

Were the beans measured to precise gram?

Were the bean ground to the correct (and very same throughout the grind) size?

Was the water 200F throughout the whole cycle?

Did every one of the grounds saturate with the beans?

How plenty of grams/mL the water were sent out through the grounds? Is the ratio proper for the number of grams the coffee?

I don't median to come off as obnoxious - however these space the inquiries asked by the coffee civilization who do the equipments that regulate the variables in a production environment.

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The Kuerig's price to all of those is "not really" and that's more than likely why the tastes choose a sad panda.