Founded in 1983 through Steve Bisciotti and Jim Davis. Aerotek is taken into consideration to be among the biggest staffing and also recruitment services carriers in the totality world. Its interior employees are around 10,000, while its contractual employees number more than 90,000.

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Does Aerotek medicine Test their Employees?

Aerotek’s password of command categorically claims that it is cursed to offering a for sure working atmosphere for that is employees and also that "substance abuse borders the capability of employee to occupational safely, effectively, and also productively."

Moreover, the Code states that Aerotek has actually a zero-tolerance policy about substance abuse, and also the agency is cursed to maintaining the rectal drug-free.

Based ~ above the abovementioned statements, the is easy to surmise that the drug testing policy of Aerotek would be really stringent.

As a staffing and recruitment company, Aerotek is responsible to its clients, and thus, that is cautious in selecting employees for its clients.

Moreover, Aerotek has actually the prerogative to need its corporate employee to undergo random medicine testing.

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Does Aerotek perform Pre-Employment drug Test?

Aerotek certainly requires a pre-employment medicine test for their prospective employees. However, this medicine test is only conducted if an employee is already given a conditional task offer.

Moreover, if you apply for a safety-sensitive position at Aerotek, you would certainly surely be compelled to undergo a pre-employment drug test.

Some Aerotek branches that are known to call for pre-employment drug testing incorporate Aerotek Contract engineering in Dallas, Texas, Aerotek Consulting, Baltimore, Maryland, and also TEKsystems (Aerotek) at Westminster, Colorado, Aerotek clinical at Syracuse, new York, and Aerotek, brand-new York.

You will generally be given two company days to prepare because that the pre-employment medicine test. However, if Aerotek decides to drug test friend onsite after you are provided a conditional job offer, castle can immediately do so.

Hence, if you intend to use at Aerotek, you much better stay clean of banned drugs and substances.

What drugs Does Aerotek test For?

The medicine tests performed by Aerotek or by its third-party drug trial and error lab are typically designed come look for the adhering to substances and also drugs: Cannabinoids, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, Phencyclidine, Methaqualone, Barbiturates, Hydrocodone, Methadone Propoxyphene, Ethanol, and also Ecstasy.

What species of drug Tests room Used?

The above-mentioned branches or workplaces of Aerotek typically use urine medicine tests for their pre-employment medicine testing.

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This urine test is normally a 5-panel to pee test. In ~ Aerotek Contract engineering in Dallas and also at Aerotek scientific in Syracuse, the 5-panel urine drug test it seems ~ to it is in the wanted test.