Lowe’s is just one of the top hardware retailers in the unified States, helping their customers boost their homes and businesses. V over 300,000 employees in the united States and also Canada, Lowe’s can be a great company to work-related for.

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Potential employees might be wonder if Lowe’s drug test, just how they medicine test and when Lowe’s employees are required to undergo medicine tests. I have looked right into it, and also here is what I have learned around the medicine testing process at Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s medicine Test In 2021?

Lowe’s does drug test their employees as component of the hiring procedure and in the event of an event at job-related where there has been one injury. Additionally, Lowe’s likewise reserves the ideal to have employees undergo arbitrarily drug testing as per their contract. The many common type of medicine test at Lowe’s is a mouth swab test.

For an ext information around Lowe’s drug tests, including what they medicine test for, if you deserve to be hired because that failing a drug test in ~ Lowe’s and also more, then store reading!

What is Lowe’s drug Test Policy?

In order to save workers and customers safe, Lowe’s has actually a strict drug test plan that applies to every employee levels, including part-time workers.

Supervisors and managers at Lowe’s are trained to observe, report and resolve drug-related problems in bespeak to maintain this policy.

If any type of employee is discovered in possession that or under the influence of drugs while at Lowe’s, they space subject to instant termination.

How go Lowe’s medicine Test?

The most common form of medicine test in ~ Lowe’s is a mouth swab test, generally for potential employees. The mouth swab test used by Lowe’s will present if you have used any type of illicit building material in the previous week.

Lowe’s uses a mouth swab drug test i m sorry is an overwhelming to tamper with and can be administered under managed observation.

Lowe’s will certainly pay to have you undergo the test and also they are conducted on-site, definition the results come back quickly.

In situations such as mishaps in the rectal or random drug testing, Lowe’s may employ urine medicine testing, which occurs at a registered third-party site and also provides much more accurate results.

What does Lowe’s drug Test for?

By making use of a 5-panel drug test, Lowe’s can examine their employees or potential employees because that a variety of illicit substances. Lowe’s may require much more than a 5-panel medicine test because that employees who have been injured in the workplace.

If you room taking prescription drugs or have been provided medication through a doctor, it is essential you notify Lowe’s as this can alter the outcome of your medicine test.

Lowe’s will most likely require girlfriend to administer proof of authorized prescription medicine in bespeak to happen your drug test.

Does Lowe’s drug Test because that Marijuana?


Even in claims where marijuana is legal, to properly pass a Lowe’s drug test you need to not possess any type of traces the the substance in her system.

While some employers have chosen to exclude marijuana indigenous the list of building materials they medicine test for due to the legalization of part countries, Lowe’s has actually not yet adjusted its drug test.

When does Lowe’s medicine Test?

Lowe’s will regularly drug test new employees, employees who have actually been associated in an accident or event at work, or random medicine test employee suspected of making use of illicit substances.

Lowe’s will use a drug test during the rental process, alongside an aptitude test, background test, and two or more interviews.

Usually, Lowe’s will request the drug test throughout your an initial interview, but it deserve to be the second interview.

As per your rights and also as stipulated in their employee contracts, Lowe’s make reservation the ideal to randomly drug test employees they think may be affiliated with drug use to prohibit dangerous behavior at work.

Lowe’s might be compelled to pay employees compensation for employees hurt in one accident, so they will need you to experience a medicine test come ensure it was not resulted in through your own behavior.

Additionally, if one employee at Lowe’s has been affiliated in an accident, they might be forced to happen a drug test in order to prove us eligible to return to work.

Does Lowe’s Random medicine Test?

While Lowe’s reserves the appropriate to randomly medicine test their employees, digital workers state that often they do not practice this right.

Lowe’s likewise does not need their employee to pass a medicine test in bespeak to obtain a promo at work.

Who go Lowe’s drug Test?

To store their employee safe, Lowe’s conducts drug tests in ~ every level of employment. This consists of seasonal and part-time staff at Lowe’s, as well as managers and more senior level of staff.

Due to part Lowe’s employee operating hefty machinery including forklifts, trucks and also tools such as saws, it is imperative they are not under the influence of medicine or any kind of other substances as they have the right to be hazardous to themselves and others.

Employment in ~ Lowe’s is conditional on successfully passing a medicine test, i beg your pardon is why that is forced from every levels of staff.

Will Lowe’s hire You if girlfriend Fail a medicine Test?

If you have actually been asked to undergo a drug test in ~ a Lowe’s interview, it is i can not qualify you will certainly be available the position if girlfriend fail the medicine test.

As well as properly passing the drug test, Lowe’s calls for workers to happen an aptitude test, elevator check and also several interviews to be eligible for employment.

Successfully happen the medicine test at Lowe’s is a condition of your employment to ensure castle are maintaining customers and also workers safe while ~ above the job.

Lowe’s will likely call you via speak to to inform you that the outcome of your medicine test, and also whether you are eligible because that the following stage that the applications process.

How lengthy Does that Take for a Lowe’s drug Test to Come Back?

Due come Lowe’s picking to use an oral swab because that a drug test, the outcomes of the drug test will certainly be available quite quickly, contrasted to third-party merchant labs which can take as much as 3 days.

Can i Reapply come Lowe’s if i Fail My medicine Test?

Lowe’s calls for you come wait 90 days before reapplying if you have actually failed a drug test together a potential employee.

If you room a Lowe’s employee, friend can likewise check our related write-ups on Lowe’s quitting policy, Lowe’s termination policy, and also Lowe’s dress code.


Lowe’s drug test brand-new and existing employees as per their medicine test plan to store their stores for sure working atmospheres Lowe’s will frequently use a mouth swab drug test as it provides fast results.

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Offers the employment at Lowe’s are conditional on passing a medicine test. Brand-new and existing employees at Lowe’s that fail the mandatory medicine test danger termination due to violating Lowe’s medicine policy.