Gibbs preeminence #9 : never Go everywhere Without A Knife

The NCIS team never ever goes anywhere without a knife! built up here room a number of knives from various episodes.

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Zero yongin Combat folding Knife

Gibb"s Knife, the ZT301. The blade the from the steak step at the finish of "Flesh and also Blood". Likewise given an important appearances in "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" and also "Obesssion". Zero Tolerance has discontinued this model! Check out the current models: Zero tolerance 0303 Strider / Onion FolderZT0350TS

Spyderco Endura urgent Knife
McGee offers the full serrated design to cost-free Kate in Season 1 Episoe 18 "UnSEALed".
Zero yongin Combat urgent Knife

Tony"s knife that from the steak step at the finish of "Flesh and also Blood".

Zero Tolerance has discontinued this model! Alternative: Zero yongin 0303 Strider / Onion Folder

Cold steel Kobun black Kraton take care of

Ziva saves Ducky utilizing the Cold stole Kobun as a cram knife in "Silver War”. The knife returns in S4E5 “Deception” and also S4E1 “Shalom” consisting of the knife throwing training in S4E15 “Friends & Lovers”.

Cold steel Voyager XL Clip suggest Plain leaf
In the Season 3 illustration 9 "Frame up" Abby is threatend by Chip, she "assistant" as soon as she endangers to reveal his structure up that DiNozzo.
Kershaw Ken Onion Leek folding Knife with rate Safe
The Leek is provided to defuse a bomb in S3E14 "Light Sleeper".
BLACKHAWK! CQD mark 1 form E manual Folding Knife in black color - Serrated sheet
Ziva"s brand-new knife from S5e18 "Sea Dogs" and S6E8 "Cloak".
Zero tolerance G10 manage with rate Safe

Spyderco Delica4 Lightweight FRN flat Ground plain Edge
S1E15 "Enigma" Col Ryan provides the spyderco to acquire out that a tricky situation!

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Benchmade Auto AFO II Tanto Knife through BK1
Kate"s device of choice from Season 2 episode 9"s "Forced Entry". No much longer available.