Light and airy, Styrofoam is available in a selection of dimensions and can be shaped to fit virtually any handmade project. The is these qualities that do it such wonderful product to usage on countless kinds that arts and crafts. Originally, Styrofoam was intended for more than artistic endeavors. In fact, that was initially made because that insulation and also water-barrier building and construction projects. Have you ever really looked at it? You could have noticed how plain and boring this foam in reality is, i beg your pardon is why paint Styrofoam is together a good idea! This article will take it you through everything you need to know, from just how to paint Styrofoam to which paints to use. 

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What Is Styrofoam?

Despite what many human being think, that white, porous foam you may be familiar with is not Styrofoam. Styrofoam, likewise referred to as “Blue Board,” is the brand brand surname of one insulation product manufactured by Dow Chemicals. It is composed of closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and is do of styrene. The styrene is climate refined into polystyrene and a hydrofluorocarbon addition is made. ~ an expansion process, the Styrofoam plank is all set for installation.

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You are probably wondering what the white, airy foam is dubbed if it is not technically Styrofoam. What you are thinking the is EPS, increased polystyrene foam. This product is consisted of of 95% air and also has been suitable insulative companion for coffee thermoses, packaging, and industrial structure projects as well. 

If you space still confused around the difference between XPS and EPS, this can help. XPS Styrofoam is made by including multiple chemistry agents come styrene, i beg your pardon is then forcefully increased under press until a solid piece is formed- typically a board or brick. EPS foam, ~ above the various other hand, is do from small plastic spheres and also polystyrene forcefully increased with air right into various shapes. The type of foam you generally use for paint would likely be EPS, conversely, XPS Styrofoam is usually supplied for building materials.


You could not be certain if you have a polystyrene foam or a Styrofoam product. Come check, merely look for words “Styrofoam” on the earlier or bottom of your item. Alternatively, friend may uncover a Dow chemical logo. No product is traditionally recyclable or biodegradable, although you deserve to recycle it at certain receptacles. Styrofoam can be put through a rigorous heating process where it reverts into solid pellets that polystyrene. These pellets have the right to then it is in made into items like mirror frames, clothing hangers, and also food packaging.

Is over there a wanted Paint for painting Styrofoam?

You may be wonder to yourself, can you paint Styrofoam? The price is yes! The best component about Styro painting is the there are unlimited possibilities because that creativity. As funny as the Styro painting process can be, the is an essential that you usage the ideal products feasible for the job. Doing otherwise will lead to catastrophe.

One facet of significant importance is selecting the appropriate type of paint. No all Styrofoam paints are developed equal, and some paints can not be offered at all. In fact, if a repaint is Styrofoam friendly, the will mention it in the product description.

We have actually tested a variety of different kinds the Styrofoam paints and also can conclude that the ideal paints because that Styrofoam room acrylic and water-based. These space the two many common varieties of paints, so friend will never ever fail to uncover the shade you need. 

Remember the Styrofoam is make from plastics and also oils. If you usage a repaint that is not made specifically for it, such as one through chemicals that work versus oils, the results can be disastrous. Thus, you need to avoid making use of paints v solvents, together these species of paints will certainly eat away at the foam, rendering your an imaginative project useless. Analysis the brand will help to prevent any major mishaps.

Recommended Styrofoam Paints

We pointed out that acrylic and water-based paints space the best choices for Styro paint. Friend will also need a high-quality primer and sealant to finish your handmade project. Take it a look in ~ our highest possible recommended products for these types of jobs below.

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Top-Rated Primer for Styrofoam Painting: MONTANA Gold technology Universal inside wall Spray

We have actually used numerous other types of primers, and also this one by Montana constantly gives the ideal results top top Styrofoam. Some civilization ask, “Can girlfriend spray paint Styrofoam?”, and even though this is a primer, the prize is tho yes! The spray has actually an exceptional adhesion quality, which renders it perfect for basic reapplication and sanding. Also, acrylic Styro paint will adhere effortlessly come this primer, making it right for all Styrofoam crafts.