Pokemon Sword and also Shield"s very first DLC pack, the Isle of Armor, has arrived because that Nintendo Switch!

Introducing one ample lot of acquainted faces, we are excited to watch what Pokemon you include to her team.

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Some require a unique way to evolve, including the Scyther development line!

Here"s just how to acquire Scizor in the Isle that Armor.

Metal Coat

Since its introduction into the Pokemon collection in generation two, Scizor has constantly required a special method to attain it.

Players will require to have actually a Scyther, the level does not matter, and also then they will need to obtain a steel Coat.

This is one in-game item that players will require to give to their Scyther.

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Once they do so, they deserve to go ahead and also trade her Scyther with one more trainer, and it have to evolve into Scizor!


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Where To find Metal Coat

Finding the steel Coat is quite easy compared to other games, players will must head to Stow-on-Side.

Once they room in this city, they are going to desire to head end to the cheap shop and also you will be able to pick one up!

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