What mountain in Switzerland consists of three varieties of glacial erosion and resembles an ancient Egyptian structure with four specific sides 1193 points?

The Matterhorn in Switzerland was sculpted away through glacial erosion. Zmutt Glacier rectal the large cirque ~ above the west face of the mountain, and also to the far left, a hanging glacier clings precariously come the side of the peak. —Credit: photograph by take care of Fielding Reid. 1894.

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What room 3 glacial landforms?

Glacier Landforms

U-Shaped Valleys, Fjords, and Hanging Valleys. Glaciers carve a collection of distinctive, steep-walled, flat-bottomed valleys. Cirques. Nunataks, Arêtes, and also Horns. Lateral and Medial Moraines. Terminal and Recessional Moraines. Glacial Till and also Glacial Flour. Glacial Erratics. Glacial Striations.

What is the difference between plucking and abrasion?

Plucking occurs once rocks and also stones end up being frozen to the basic or sides of the glacier and also are plucked native the soil or rock face as the glacier moves. This pipeline behind a jagged landscape. Abrasion occurs as soon as rocks and stones end up being embedded in the base and also sides that the glacier.

Which is the highest peak in the Aletsch Glacier?

Figure 16.22 A check out from the International an are Station the the Swiss Alps in the area the the Aletsch Glacier. The influential peaks labelled “Horn” space the Eiger (left) and also Wetterhorn (right). A variety of alpine glacial erosion functions are labelled.

What room the different types of glacial erosion?

Look for one of each the the following: a horn, one arête, a truncated spur, a cirque, and also a col. Try to determine some the the many other arêtes in this view, and also another horn. A variety of other glacial erosion features exist at smaller scales. For example, a drumlin is one elongated attribute that is systematized at the down-ice end.

What sort of rock does a glacier erode?

Continental glaciation often tends to produce relatively flat bedrock surfaces, specifically where the absent beneath is uniform in strength. In locations where over there are distinctions in the strength of rocks, a glacier obviously often tends to erode the softer and also weaker rock much more effectively than the harder and also stronger rock.

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How is the crust depression in continental glaciation?

In locations of continent glaciation, the crust is depression by the load of glacial ice the is approximately 4,000 m thick. Containers are created along the edges of continental glaciers (except because that those the cover entire continents like Antarctica and also Greenland), and also these containers fill v glacial meltwater.