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ax What is/are the main excretory organ/s the the body?
Definition kidneys
Term i m sorry of the following functions would not be perform by the kidney?
Definition urine storage. The kidney"s attributes include: excretion the waste, maintain of fluid balance, regulate synthesis of vitamin D, and also regulate synthesis of RBC"s.

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Term pee is carried from the kidney to the urinary bladder through the
Definition ureter.
Term kinds the complying with structures in correct sequence:
Definition Calyx, renal pelvis, ureter, urinary bladder, and also then urethra.
Term Blood vessels, nerves, and the ureter enter and leave the kidney in ~ the
Definition hilum.
Term The section of the kidney the is written of cone-shaped renal pyramids is called the
Definition medulla.
Term The structural and also functional systems of the kidney room called
Definition nephrons.
Term The juxtamedullary nephrons
Definition have lengthy loops of Henle.
Term The network the capillaries that is situated in Bowman"s capsule is dubbed the
Definition glomerulus.
Term The renal corpuscle is composed of
Definition the glomerulus and Bowman"s capsule.
Term The visceral layer of Bowman"s capsule
Definition is component of the filtration membrane and contains podocytes.
Term The openings in between the endothelial cell of the glomerular capillaries space called
Definition fenestrae.
Term an obstruction in the afferent arteriole would minimize the circulation of blood right into the
Definition glomerulus.
Term The juxtaglomerular apparatus is composed of
Definition juxtaglomerular cells and also the macula densa.
Term i beg your pardon of the adhering to is in between the proximal and distal convoluted tubules?
Definition the loop of Henle
Term What form of cells kind the proximal convoluted tubule?
Definition simple cuboidal epithelium through microvilli
Term The vasa recta is a specialized portion that the
Definition peritubular capillary.
Term trace the route of a red blood cell from the renal artery to the glomerulus:
Definition Renal artery, segmental artery, interlobar artery, arcuate artery, interlobular artery, and also then afferent arteriole.
Term formation of filtrate relies on a
Definition pressure gradient.
Term The energetic transport of substances right into the filtrate is dubbed tubular
Definition secretion.
Term The quantity of filtrate created per minute is referred to as the
Definition glomerular filtration rate.
Term What percent the filtrate i do not care urine?
Definition less 보다 1%
Term Plasma contains a much higher concentration of _____ 보다 the glomerular filtrate.
Definition protein
Term which of the following occasions would rise filtration pressure?
Definition constriction that the efferent arteriole
Term In the myogenic mechanism of autoregulation, what is the solution to boost in blood push inthe afferent arteriole?
Definition constriction the the afferent arteriole
Term as soon as sodium is proactively transported from tubular cells to the interstitial fluid,
Definition Na+ concentration gradient is established in between the tubule lumen and tubule cell.
Term building materials that space cotransported right into proximal convoluted tubule cell include
Definition glucose molecules v sodium ions.
Term many water is reabsorbed native the filtrate in the
Definition proximal convoluted tubule.
Term The proximal convoluted tubule is
Definition the website of glucose and also amino mountain reabsorption.
Term Water reabsorption by the renal tubules uses
Definition osmosis.
Term In the ascending limb of the loop of Henle,
Definition potassium and also chloride are cotransported through sodium across the apical membrane.
Term The collecting ducts and distal convoluted tubules
Definition vary in their permeability come water loved one to the amounts of ADH present.
Term The collecting duct becomes much more permeable to water when
Definition ADH manufacturing increases.
Term as ADH manufacturing declines,
Definition the pee volume increases.
Term Urea is
Definition diffuse out of the collecting ducts into the interstitial liquid of the medulla and then diffuse into thedescending loop of Henle.
Term i m sorry of the adhering to are most most likely to be actively secreted right into the distal convoluted tubule?
Definition potassium ions.
Term Tubular reabsorption and tubular secretion different in that
Definition tubular cheap adds products to the filtrate; tubular reabsorption gets rid of materials from thefiltrate.
Term The vasa recta
Definition collects overfill water and solutes native the medullary interstitial fluid.
Term The juxtaglomerular apparatus secretes
Definition renin.
Term Renin converts
Definition angiotensinogen come angiotensin I.
Term The kidneys develop renin when
Definition the blood press in the afferent arteriole decreases.
Term Angiotensin II
Definition stimulates aldosterone secretion.
Term boosted aldosterone reasons increased
Definition potassium secretion.
Term usage of alcohol increases urine production by
Definition inhibiting the release of ADH indigenous the posterior pituitary.
Term Atrial natriuretic hormone
Definition is secreted once atrial blood pressure increases.
Term Drug carriers use i beg your pardon of the complying with to assist them calculate the duration of action of amedication?
Definition plasma clearance
Term as soon as the tubular maximum for a problem is exceeded,
Definition the excess continues to be in the urine.
Term If the tubular maximum for a specific amino acid is 200 mg/100 ml and also the concentration that thatamino acid in the blood is 100 mg/100 ml, the amino acid
Definition will be fully reabsorbed through the tubule cells.

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Term to pee flows v the ureters come the bladder as the result of
Definition peristaltic contractions.
Term What form of tissue is responsible because that the growth of the urinary bladder during filling?
Definition transitional epithelium